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4th Box

Another exciting box this week.

Yeah!!! Broccoli……

Scott and Malachi harvesting broccoli.

Beautiful Broccoli appears in the boxes this week!  Our first cutting of hopefully many this season.  Delicious flavor.

Pac Choi-It sure is juicy and tasty right now.  The long stems are sweet and succulent.  Cook a bit of bacon, drain off most of the grease and quickly sauté stems leaves and all!  Toss in some walnuts or pecans at the end, crumble the bacon, even add some blue cheese if you wish.  This will be the end of Pac Choi for the season.

Chard-First cutting of the season.  I choose to plant 3 different varieties for a wonderful color array.  We love to eat chard best with eggs.

Fresh Italian Garlic and Garlic Scapes-Odd to be offering both these items at one time, but as I mentioned in a post the early variety is ready and the late variety just produced their scapes last week.

San Francisco Mix-A great collection of many legumes as well as a few other surprises.  This is our “go to” snack around here.  The garbanzo beans are Maeve’s favorite.  We put them on our sandwiches and love a handful to top our burritos.

Mint-Long sweet smelling stems of peppermint.  Very refreshing added to drinking water.

A Rosemary Plant-Keep it on the window sill or plant in the garden.  A favorite culinary variety.  High oil content, and not too fuzzy…

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1st Box

Maeve harvesting the carrots.

Beautiful Box #1 Enjoy!!!!

What is in your box

Big!!!  jumbo head of crisp romaine lettuce.  Use the large leaves as your “bread” in sandwiches.

Large Bag of “Space”  Spinach

Radish Assortment.  Combination of cylindrical French Breakfast, round red Rover, and a few brown russets  (they look like little potatoes) called Ziata

Carrots.  2 varieties.  Short Atlas and long Mokum.  What a treat!  We started these in early Feb. as an experiment and they are so flavorful.

Pac Choi Assortment.  A nice combination of several different beauties.  Great in stir fries or sauté.

Maeve’s favorite snack right now. French Blue and Crimson Lentils with Black Garbanzos.  We eat them like candy around here as a quick snack or scatter on our salads, pasta or stir fry if they last that long….!

We will have the “extra” or trade box again this year.  Feel free to take anything you would like from this area.  It may include some of the same items from the weekly box selection or something different that we just didn’t have enough of to offer in every box.  Also, if there is an item in your box that you know your family will not eat leave it here for someone else to take.  This week we have some extra Romaine as will as a few heads of butter crunch that did not bolt early in the heat.

I will post a few recipes here on the blog.  I do suggest looking on line too….many people are publishing blogs all about CSA cooking. One good one I like is CSA gourmet. When I am better at that whole cut and paste thing I will try and “link” a few of these sites for you.  Also, take a look at Pinterest.  Pretty Amazing!  I just typed in radish recipes and tons of interesting options are there.

Susan Holding thanks again so much for your help in getting this whole blog thing rolling for us!

weighing out the carrots for the boxes

the radishes all washed up and ready to be divided and bagged for the boxes

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