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Computer issues still remain but we are hopeful a few glitches are getting cleared up. Thanks to all who shared the season with us. Our strongest and best season ever. And thanks for the returned season end surveys. It is very helpful to read over all the comments and shape what next season will be.

We loved this year! We rolled along strong from start to finish. We had a few best ever harvests. Tomatoes were amazing this season. We loved our selection and the yield was high and many weeks of perfect tomatoes. Our early broccoli harvest was great and the side shoots never ended. We were glad we brought the cantaloupe back. Our leafy greens were fantastic in hoop 1 and we love providing fresh lettuce all season long. A challenge in the heat but Hoop 1 rocked all summer long. Our spinach was great both Spring and Fall and we are pleased with the carrot harvest adding 2 additional rotations was a good idea. Baby cabbages were perfect and abundant. Potatoes were a best ever and we are still digging! Sweet potatoes great too now that we changed companies and had a much earlier ship date. Our summer onions were also a best ever. We are glad the “extra table” returned after the COVID break. Disappointments for us….the brussels sprouts tanked. Mildew set in for some reason and we could never get in front of it. A favorite crop and we are composting it all. The peas were delicious and abundant but burned up in the early heat wave. The harvest season was too short and we wished for more. The entire 2nd Fall rotation of broccoli also was a bust. Maybe heat and humidity related- maybe we made a bad variety selection. Not sure but a crop failure too. We should have planted more garlic…..Overall we are pleased with the season. We feel like we had a nice variety of clean high quality produce all season long and we are already excited for next year.

A huge thank you to Scott’s relatives the Raupp Family at Raupp Family Farm. We are grateful for the space for the potatoes, sweet potato and squash “runway”. AND the fantastic sweet corn. Our CSA could not be what it is without you. We love you and all you do for us.

Cousin John-My Hero. He makes it all happen. Thank you John!
Bonus Share

We have had a fun 2 weeks of digging potatoes and sweet potatoes and harvesting a few surprise crops that loved the warm days.


Scott ready to pack the shares. We are packing in paper so members do not need to return the reusable totes.


Head lettuce-2 beauties from hoop 1 with fantastic flavor.

Spinach-A great harvest from the 1st 2 rotations. Thick juicy leaves.

Storage onions-The last of our onion crop. A few in every share.

Radishes-Some beauties. VERY long storage life too.

Arugula-We love arugula and love this snappy serrated variety.

Potatoes-2 varieties and we picked our favorites. All Blues and Gold Rush. Both a great multipurpose potato. Fry, bake, mash they are delicious.

Sweet potatoes-Some monsters are coming out of the field. And they are all over the place too.

Harvesting under the walkway landscape fabric.
oddball guys too. We call these “worms”.

Squash-A final spaghetti squash in every share and 2 winter squash of our choice.

Beans!-HUGE surprise that the last bean rotation decided to reflower. What a treat!

Peppers!-Another surprise harvest. Honestly the sweetest peppers we have picked all season long.

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