Another fast and furious week for us….and most of it crawling along on our knees.


How we spend most of our days….

Onions are all in and this feels good.  We plant later so the onion seedlings can size up as they are much easier to plant than little itty bitty threads.  So, 500 feet of onions are planted and excited we didn’t forget the shallots this year!  The hoop house is transitioning over to main season CSA crops.  Summer lettuce and leafy green crops are being transplanted.


A full hoop house!

Plant sale in our driveway again this weekend.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Beautiful tomato plants, tons of assorted pepper plants, several varieties of basil, garden starts, assorted lettuce 6 pacs, cucumbers, assorted kale pacs, swiss chard, cutting celery, eggplant, brussels sprouts, and more.  9-4 every day….





Hard to believe this is the 4th and final share of the 2017 Spring CSA.  The month flew by.

Projected launch date for the 20 week Summer CSA Season is Thursday June 1st.

4th and Final Spring Share



Turnips (2 varieties), leaf lettuce, baby arugula, sunflower shoots, head lettuce medley, tokyo bekana, spinach, dill and fennel

A fantastic final share of the Spring Share Season!

Turnips-Finally and 2 varieties….our favorite white hakurei (a friend was over and said it is like eating an apple)  and another long japanese variety Hinona Kabu that is oh so pretty and has a bit of snap to it.   Both delicious and huge bunches of each. Can be enjoyed raw or caramelized with butter, sugar and soy for a delicious side.  Remember the tops are edible too.


Scott harvesting turnips in the morning sun.


Turnips at harvest….


in the wash tank…


and bundled for the shares.


Scott at his wash station with the cool turnips….


Turnips final rinse.

Leaf lettuce-2nd cutting off the colorful and flavorful early spring mix.


Leaf lettuce at harvest.


Triple rinsed and ready for the shares.

Arugula-A nice big bag.  Add fresh to salads or saute as a side.


Huge pile of triple rinsed arugula.

Sunflower Shoots-A fun “crop” for us in the spring.  Tastes just like sunflower seeds.  These are unwashed for better storage life.  So will need to be rinsed before eating to remove light soil.


Sunflower shoots “crop”.


Maeve harvesting this week.

Head Lettuce Medley-We picked several different varieties this week and each share has an assortment.


1 of the lettuces in this week’s share…and COLORFUL too thanks to the suggestion of a CSA member.



Head lettuce medleys ready to be bagged for the shares.

Asian Green-Tokyo Bekana-My favorite asian green.  Tastes like a fluffy chinese cabbage.  Add to fresh salads to add loft and flavor or lightly saute or add to broth.


Tokyo Bekana just cut.

Spinach-I didn’t think we would have 1 more strong harvest but here it is.  Enjoy!  The last official indoor hoop house spinach of the season.  For Sure.  We pulled the plants as we need the space for new crops.


Last hoop house spinach harvest of the season.

Dill-A treat!  A nice sized bundle for everyone.


Hoop house grown Spring Dill.

Fennel-Baby fennel cut small from the hoop house. We love the fronds and shaved bulb in salads.


A fantastic week!  Lots of progress.  We are a bit stiff, walking a bit hunched over and going to bed early because we are worn out, but it sure feels good.  Long rows of early broccoli and cabbage were transplanted and pretty assorted kale. We transplanted fennel out and started more radishes too.  Turnips were seeded in the hoop house for the summer CSA and a whole bunch of lettuce went into the hoop house too.  The biggest news is the potatoes are FINALLY!!!!! all done.  We dragged our feet on this a bit but the weather never gave us the opportunity to tackle this HUGE job.  It may have been a good thing that we held off as the Spring has been so cool and wet there was the possibility of the seed potato rotting after planting.  We are glad it is done and VERY grateful once again to Uncle Jim for allowing is to plant at his farm in the perfect potato soil. Other news….. A second rotation of peas all planted, the 1st planting of beans and tons of seeding in for summer hoop house crops are germinating in the greenhouse-oh, we transplanted out more beets too in a window of spare time we had.  Scott finished up his fencing…completely deer proof with extended fencing this year  and also a fine mesh at the base to keep those woodchucks out.


Mini cabbages all snuggled in……as far as the eye can see!


Long rows of Early Summer Broccoli.


1st rotation of Peas Up.


Just about finished with potatoes.




Phew!  Potatoes are planted…..all by hand.

We are starting our garden plant sale in the driveway Saturday May 13th.  The greenhouse is exploding with beautiful tomato plants and other goodies for the home gardener.  It’s always a fun event for us and we love sharing our plants with fellow gardeners.


Tomatoes ready for the plant sale this weekend.




All produce is triple rinsed and ready to eat.  Enjoy!

Radishes-A combo of french breakfast and wintered over daikon and beauty heart.


Just washed french breakfast radishes that look like peppermint candy.

Beta Mix-My personal favorite leafy green mix.  A combination of assorted baby beet tops and mixed baby swiss chard.  Delicious fresh or steamed or braised.


Beta Mix at harvest….


and in the wash tank.

Asian Mix x 2-This is the second cutting off the the 2 varieties that were in the 1st share of the season.  1-a mild spicy mustard mix, and 2 a combo of kales, and assorted choi.  Fresh, steamed or stir fried they are wonderful.


Mustard mix at morning harvest.


And cut.


2nd variety of kales and choi ready to harvest.

Head lettuce-We harvested 2 different varieties this week-a combination will appear in the shares.




Pac Choi-A cute mini green choi.  Add a crunch to salads or delicious in stir fry.


Mini Green Pac Choi.

Spinach-The last harvest of our inside hoop house spinach for the season.  It has been a great crop for us this season.  We calculated that we harvested over 130 pounds this spring….leaf by leaf by leaf by leaf.


Spinach at harvest.

Rhubarb-A true Springtime treat.  Almost 2 pounds in each share.  And I have to mention every season…some of the rhubarb comes from my grandfather’s backyard plant that I transplanted from his house when he passed away..  Grandma made the BEST rhubarb custard pie.


Rhubarb ready to be cleaned.



Honey-This is the last of our Fall honey…rich and flavorful.


Fall honey after it is spun.

Basil Plant-A little treat.  Enjoy! 2 plants started in the pot.  Separate into 2 larger container or plant in the ground and you are set for the season.  Variety is called Dolce Fresca.


Basil going home with CSA members today.


turnips!!! finally-2 varieties the cool long japanese guys and the pretty round gems, head lettuce, leaf lettuce, asian greens and more……..


Next week’s turnips….


and more next week’s turnips.

Sure is nice to see the sun!

A  wet, dark and chilly week here all week long.  A little over an inch and a half of rain fell but it seemed like it was raining or misting all the time! Toss in 2 light frosts overnight and it put us in a holding pattern.  The outside gardens are soggy and we held off transplanting a few early crops and preparing beds in the muck.  We spent our time with hoop house transplanting, seed starting and deer and woodchuck!!! fencing.

Crops look great in the hoophouse-about 2.5 weeks behind last year’s progress due to cooler temps and cloudy days….but strong and bountiful.  The carrots Scott and Maeve just planted outside have all germinated and our early outside spinach, peas, radishes, chard and beets are chugging along too through the cold.

The greenhouse is FULL!!!!  This week major transplanting in the fields and the tomatoes are ready for some wiggle room too.



Spinach-Another big bag of the delicious hoop house spinach.  Great in fresh salads and fantastic wilted down as a side.  Creamed Spinach is a treat!

Spinach transplanted in February in the hoop house.

A jumbo juicy Spinach leaf!! at harvest….

Spinach after it’s 3rd and final rinse. Ready to be bagged up.

The spinach weigher and bagger hard at work.

Leaf Lettuce- A bag of a colorful leaf lettuce blend.  Beautiful and delicious.

Leaf lettuce at harvest…..

…and in the wash tank.

Spring Onions-We planted these in the hoop house last August. A big bunch of these beauties to enjoy all week long.

Onions at harvest…with Spring turnips nestled between the rows.

Cleaning the onions.

Head lettuce-2 complimentary varieties in the share this week.  A fluffy bicolored head and my favorite mini deep green juicy head named Nancy…both unique in flavor and appearance.

Magenta lettuce.

Pretty Nancy!

Asian Greens Medley- A mix of assorted mixed asian greens perfect fresh in salads or in stir fry.  Vivid Choi, Tokyo Bekana, and Vitamin Green in the mix.


My favorite Asian green….Tokyo Bekana. Tastes like a lite fluffy chinese cabbage.

Scott bagging up the Asian greens mix.  Yes, it is late at night….


Pac choi-2 varieties here too and each with a little different flavor and texture.  We love it fresh in salads to add some crunch.  Maeve loves the ribs raw….but also a great addition to a saute.

Pac Choi harvest last year. I had this harvest cut washed and bagged and then remembered I forgot to take pictures!

Pea Shoots!-A springtime favorite.  Place container on a bright windowsill on a plate.  Water as needed.  Snip and add to sandwiches, salads, and garnish soups and stews.  Delicious fresh pea flavor.

Pea shoots in the greenhouse….




Best Guess For Next Week-Head lettuce, Saute mix(s), radishes, rhubarb, beta mix (baby beet and swiss chard-YUM!), mini pac choi and more……

It’s Snowing! Big fat flakes…. A wet and chilly launch to the 2017 season.  The gardens are shaping up and the greenhouse and hoop house are FULL! of green goodness. We have to step gingerly as plants are growing in every available interior space.  Life is on schedule for the most part as we adjust our “to do” lists to the weather conditions.  We have expanded the outdoor growing space again (just a bit) to squeeze in a few more rows, Scott quickly built an addition to our greenhouse to provide additional space for early potted seedlings and rebuilt the cooler to add a few more feet of cooling room as it was getting cramped in there too.  Much needed improvements to make life run smoothly.

Cool loving Spring crops are in the field-peas are up, radishes and beets too… long rows of early swiss chard are in and the loooooooooong carrot trough planted.  A huge bed of outdoor spinach was transplanted last week.  All are under cover for protection from the cold.  We’re rolling and excited for the season.

IMG_3169 (1)

Plastic mulch is down and ready to be planted.


Maeve and Scott finishing up the carrot trough.



Tomato plants finally upgraded to larger pots.


ALL! tomato plants….


The new addition to the greenhouse packed full.


Plants taking up floor space in the walkway….


Hoop House looks great with next week’s onions in the foreground.




Scott packing the 1st Share of the season.

All produce is triple rinsed and ready to eat.  ENJOY!

Please return your FoxLine tote the following week after pick up for reuse.  Thanks!

A leafy greens delight this week after a loooooong looooooong!!!!! winter of store bought greens.

Spinach-Delicious Spring spinach is the best!  A nice big bag triple rinsed.  This harvest is a combination of 3 varieties planted last Fall and overwintered and the 1st harvest of 2 varieties planted in February.  A great assortment.


1st harvest of Spinach planted in February.

Braising Mix-Can be enjoyed fresh and raw in salads….  braised, steamed or sauteed. A cool mix of mini kales, collards, choi, and mustards.


Braising mix at harvest in the morning.


Braising Mix after harvest.


Baby Arugula-A huge favorite here!  Slight peppery flavor.  Add to mix salads, or wilted as a delicious side with dinner.


Arugula at harvest.


Baby arugula harvest.

Asian greens blend-A colorful mix of slightly spicy mustards and mizunas.  Great as a mix salad or combined with other greens for a little added zip.  Can also be sauteed.


Beautiful!  Asian Greens Blend.


Harvested greens ready to go to the washing station.

Radishes-A delicious early Spring Radish called French Breakfast. Snappy and not to hot.


French Breakfast radishes at harvest.


The radish packager this week.

Chives-A nice big bunch from the outside gardens.  Holds well in the crisper or in a glass of water in the refrigerator.



Daffodil Bouquet-  A pretty bouquet of my favorite Spring flower to Celebrate the kick off of the season.

IMG_3171 (1)

Daffodil Bouquets ready to go home…..

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK- head lettuces, pac choi, onions, asian greens, leaf lettuce and more…


All the proof we need that Spring is right around the corner-Snow drops shining in the sun on a bright and windy March day.

The gardening season has begun….

Seedlings are sprouting under the grow lights and the hoop house is coming back to life. We’ll fire off the heat in the greenhouse next week and start our transplanting and direct seeding into the hoop house soon.  A fun and exciting time.

Spring Share has filled for the 2017 Season but Snack Pack, Full Share, and Winter Storage sign up is still open with a few shares remaining in each.


Seedlings started in the garage to get a jump on the growing season.  Hoop house leafy green transplants, onions, leeks, shallots and beets!


Beautiful beets!



Maeve seeding in more beets!


Wintered over onions coming back to life.


Watering in the Spinach.




We’re growing 3x more ginger this year…..and


Turmeric too!

Enrollment form below……




Foxline 2017 CSA enrollment is now open.

SPRING SHARE4 consecutive weeks of cool loving crops from the hoop house starting in May.  A green lovers delight!  Share will include 6-10 different offerings each week.  Spinach, lettuce, salad mix, saute mix, sunflower shoots, pea shoots, arugula, salad turnips, radishes, baby carrots, pac choi, asian greens and more!  A delicious treat after the long cold winter!! $130  ($32.50 a week)  SOLD OUT

IMG_0813 (1)

2nd Spring Share 2016

Standard Full Share-20 consecutive weeks starting in June. A perfect share for a family or couple that cooks most weekly meals at home.  Feel free to share a share with another family and split the bounty weekly or every other week.   Weekly offerings of seasonal produce all summer long.  Tons of leafy greens!, spinach, lettuce, salad mix, saute mix, asian greens, swiss chard, collard greens, celery, celeriac, rhubarb, radishes, carrots, beets, summer squash, winter squash, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, beans, peas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, ground cherries, melons, eggplant, peppers, brussels sprouts, onions, leeks, shallots, garlic,  turnips, honey, flowers and more…..Produce is clean, carefully packaged and stored in our walk in cooler until time of pickup. $590 ($29.50 a week)


July 2016 Full Share.


SNACK PACK SHARE-20 consecutive weekly pick ups starting in June…..Back by popular demand after 2014 launch…..  The perfectly sized share for a single person or busy couple or family.  Smaller portions-1 meal, “ready to eat” produce, low preparation time all considered when we pack the snack pack share.  We love this share!  Seasonal garden produce all season long.  Tons of leafy greens!, spinach, lettuce, salad mix, saute mix, asian greens, swiss chard, collard greens, celery, celeriac,  rhubarb, radishes, carrots, beets, summer squash, winter squash, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, beans, peas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, ground cherries, melons, eggplant, peppers, brussels sprouts, onions, leeks, shallots, garlic, turnips, honey, flowers and more…..Produce is clean, carefully packaged and stored in our walk in cooler until time of pickup. $340 ($17  a week)


July 2016 Snack Pack Share.

WINTER STORAGE SHARE-2 jumbo storage pick ups.  1 mid November 1 early December.  Hearty storage vegetables for the winter meals.  Spinach, lettuce, arugula, carrots, beets, celeriac, cabbage, brussels sprouts, winter squash, fall honey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, kale, swiss chard, onions, leeks, garlic and more. $160 ($80 per pick up)


2016 November Storage Share.

Weekly pick up will be here at our house 1200 Carpenter Street Baraboo 3 pm-6 pm.  Shares of clean produce are packed in cloth totes and ready for pick up in our walk in cooler.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at foxlinecityfarm@yahoo.com or 608 393 0383.

Registration form is attached below.  Click copy and mail with your payment to Foxline City Farm 1200 Carpenter Street Baraboo WI 53913.

Our BIG Spring Plant Sale will be in Early May again this year.  Everything needed for your home garden.






The garden is put to bed.

A fantastic Fall for us and and the perfect finish to a great season.  Warm sunny days made the garden clean up enjoyable.  We made great progress cleaning up the rows, pulling up the mulch and  getting the irrigation up and stored away.  Nice to have the garden put to bed and ready for a clean start in the Spring.

Our time frees up a bit at this time of year for some fun.  We hosted our annual wreath workshops and as usual I was amazed by the variety and uniqueness of the wreaths that were created in a few hours.  Everyone created a beauty to take home.


“St. Lucia” Maeve with a wreath she help make.

Seed catalogs are arriving and we have already placed orders for our specialty crops and potatoes for 2017.  We are excited for next year and even laughed when we caught ourselves planning out the tomato choices while evergreen decorating.

2017 CSA enrollment information will be posted in January.

Thanks to all who shared this amazing and fun 2016 season with us.  We are grateful to all that make this urban farm life possible for us.



It’s a bounty of goodness.  600 pounds is going home today.  2 totes, 1 in the cooler and 1 out.


Packing the final share of the season.



This is how we prep for winter hoop house house harvesting.

Squash-3 sweet dumplings.

Sweet Potatoes-Several pounds of delicious Beauregard.

Potatoes-2 varieties.  Carola (a sweeter yellow flesh) and Superior (fluffy white flesh).

Onions-a few assorted storage onions.

Garlic-A ton!  We had a great harvest this year and passed it on to you. 2 varieties-Music and German Red.  Stocking Stuffers?

Honey-A half pint of our Fall backyard honey.

Turnips-A nice big bag of these sweet beauties from the hoop house.  A favorite crop around here.


Pretty Turnips.

Spinach-A 1 pound bag! Sweet, juicy and delicious.  Enjoy!


Spinach ready to pick.


Scott making his way down the spinach rows.  The row cover hangs behind him and you can see the metal frames over the spinach to keep it suspended.



Scott with the spinach bounty by Maeve’s Christmas Tree.

Carrots-Another bag of this sweet treat.  We had a goal this season of MORE CARROTS!…we did it and love our carrot trough.  Another trough is going in next Spring to provide even more in 2017.


Carrot harvest from the trough in the Fall.


All washed up and drying before storage.




Radishes-Perfect red gems that store well in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer many months.  A snappy addition to fresh salads.


They look like Christmas Candy.

Daikon/Watermelon Radishes-Again, long storage life and the watermelon beauties a colorful surprise.  Makes a beautiful fresh salad mixed with carrots cut in thin matchsticks.

Black Radishes-More radishes I know….! These were our experimental crop this year and they made it.  The last crop to be harvested from the garden.  AND here is something cool I read about last year and why I wanted to give it a try.  Black radish and Honey Make a great cough suppressant.  Information below….

 Black Radish, Cough Remedy!

Black radish (Raphanus sativus varieta niger L.) has a long history of medicinal uses. In ancient Egypt, it was considered sacred and used together with garlic to fight all kinds of infections. In Ayurvedic healing practices, radishes are said to have cleansing effects, helping break down and eliminate toxins and cancer-promoting free radicals in the body. They have been used in Asia to treat bronchitis and coughs for thousands of years.

How to prepare your Magical Cough Remedy?

 1 medium size black radish

2 tablespoons organic raw honey
Wash and dry the radish. Trim the bottom a bit and place the radish on top of a small bowl or glass. Cut off the top part, which will serve as a lid. Make a hole in the middle and put two tablespoons of honey, cover with the cut off top. Let it stand overnight and in the morning, there will be honey-sweetened radish juice in the glass.

 Drink 1 teaspoon for kids, 1 tablespoon for adults 3 times a day.

 You can make yourselves another dose, using the same radish. Change the radish after you have used it three times.

 It is advised not to give honey to babies less than 12 months of age due to chance of botulism. Also, some people are allergic to honey so please only try if you or your child is not allergic to honey.

(Above recipe from Mindbodysoul blog)


Final crop of the season.

Baby Arugula-Hoop house grown snappy baby arugula.  We love it it our salads or on top of pizza.


Baby arugula ready to pick.  December 7th and fresh greens!

Brussels Sprouts-A big bag of our favorite.  1 of the first seeds we start in Spring and 1 of the last plants to be pulled from the garden.  Frozen fingers at harvest but oh so sweet.


Brussels Sprouts on the stalk.

Leeks-The last of the late season leeks.  We love them added to our breakfast hash.

Lettuce-Sweet juicy heads of Bambi again.  It loves to grow in the chilly days of Autumn.


Baby Bambi Lettuce in the hoop house.

Kale x 2-2 bunches…..a big bunch of our favorite Tuscano and a 2nd of leafy mixed.  Both have great flavor that sweetens up with frost.


Kale Harvest.

Pac Choi-A juicy hoop house grown head.  We love it raw added to our fresh salads to add a bit of crunch.



Kohlrabi-A few heads in each share.  Remove the tough outer skin and enjoy the inner white flesh as a crunchy addition to fresh eating.

FoxLine Soap-A very good friend of mine makes this for me as a birthday treat and makes extra for me to share with the CSA.

Chinese Cabbage or Dark Winter Oakleaf head lettuce-1 or the other will be in the share.


Dark Oak Leaf lettuce ready to harvest.

Romanesco/Cauliflower-We picked the itty bitty heads when we pulled the plants and added this tiny treat.