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Autumn Harvest Bounty Box

Our first season of the Autumn Harvest Box….and what a box it is.

The season has been remarkable mild and many of our leafy green have held on.  We are so pleased.  A few experiments were a success and the box (actually 2 boxes!) holds quite the bounty.  The harvest weighs out at 58 pounds.  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.


Garlic-Music and German Red


Pie Pumpkin

Lettuce-2 heads grown outside under row cover

Pac Choi-Sweet and Juicy

Arugula-This amazing crop is still going strong

Brussels Sprouts-Very Sweet.  My favorite.

Spinach-2 varieties

Cabbage-Large heads of chinese cabbage

Turnips-Scarlet and White combination

Radish-3 varieties including the larger beauty with red flesh

Leeks-Wonderful!  A perfect crop for us this year.  We are hopeful we can include these again in the next Winter Box.

Sunflower Shoots

Herbs-parsley, sage, rosemary

Carrots-just picked yesterday and taste like candy

Kale-4 varieties

Sweet potatoes- 5 pounds for everyone

Parsnips 3 pounds+ for everyone


Celariac Root

Beets-2.5 pound of little gems

Paperwhite bulb planted in a mason jar

Also, eggs here for those who ordered  and Turkeys are here too!

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