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A busy few days around the garden.  250 pounds of seed potatoes were planted last week by hand before the rains hit and we are pleased.  A big job and a huge relief to have it done.  A nice long row of Swiss Chard and Collard greens transplants went in, the outside Wintered over spinach thinned and cleaned up,  outside Spring turnip and radishes were direct seeded and many new leafy greens planted in the hoop house.   Scott tended to the garlic which is up and looks robust.  We planted an even larger crop than last year’s harvest as you can never have too much garlic in our world.  The greenhouse is packed with seedlings ready to go out once the rains stop and new seedlings are coming out of the germination chamber daily.  We are running out of room in there!

Itty bitty cabbage seedling.

Itty bitty cabbage seedling.

New seedlings fresh from the germination chamber.

Newly sprouted seedlings fresh from the germination chamber.



We are getting use to the busy pace and remembering how to get it all done after a leisurely winter.  It is exciting and feels good to be busy and outside.  Maeve is a big help in the greenhouse and loves staying ahead of me with filling pots and trays.   We transplanted all the eggplant the other day into larger containers and she and I pretended to be the Baldwin sisters- Miss Mamie and Miss Emily from the Walton’s while working.  Maeve wondered (as Miss Emily) if JohnBoy would come and help us and if Ashley Longworth would mind that her hands were “filthy”.  It is a whole different world working with a 5 year old’s help.  It takes a bit longer but also makes it fun.


Our first EVER Spring Box is pretty amazing.   Scott and I wanted to be absolutely sure there would be enough and all would be perfect. Not knowing if it would be a cold, dark Spring or a hot, sunny one we planted for any weather in the hoop house to be “safe”.  The end result is a mother load.….and then some.  Laugh with us over it all, enjoy the bounty, share with your neighbors and friends and know that all will now settle down after this 1st box Spring Green explosion.

Welcome Back and Welcome New Share Members!  We are excited to start the 2014 Season and share the garden again this year.  We had fun these last few days getting back into the swing of things and enjoying the harvest at our table.








A SPRING BONANZA!!!!!  5.5 pounds of green goodness……

All produce is organically grown and chemical free.  All produce is double rinsed and if packaged packed in environmentally friendly packaging and biodegradable “plastic” bags.  Please return your white food box every week for reuse.  Return any packaging/containers/pots that are clean and reusable.  Thanks!


The Extra take it or leave it box will be in the cooler again this year.  Any extras from the harvest will be in this box and you can take as much as you wish.  If there is an item not to your family’s liking feel free to leave it here for others to enjoy.




Mini Pac Choi-Delicious little gems perfect for sauté or even munching raw with hummus.

Tokyo Bekana-An Asian green similar to Chinese cabbage that can be enjoyed in salads to add loft or sautéed or stir fried.

Spinach-The best we have ever grown! This is a wintered over crop that we planted in the hoop house last October.  Wonderful HUGE! and sweet.



Bringing up the Spinach harvest to be double rinsed before weighing out and bagging.

Bringing up the Spinach harvest to be double rinsed before weighing out and packaging.  Not sure what the deal is with my “pretty” top hat.


Maeve is the official taste tester.

Maeve is the official taste tester.

Serving it up in style.

Serving it up in style.


Radishes-A variety called D’Avignon or commonly called French Breakfast.

Mixed Spicy Greens- Stunning Color! A loose collection of Pac Choi, Red Mustard, Mizuna, and Leaf Broccoli.  A great combination of flavor and texture.  Eat fresh or braised.

Double rinsed and ready to be bagged.

Double rinsed and ready to be packaged.

Pea Shoots- Fresh Spring Pea flavor.  Use as a garnish on salads, sandwiches or a surprise topping to soups or stews.

Micro Green Mix- Tiny little shoots for snipping as garnish.

Daffodils- A sweet little bouquet to kick off the season.


Maeve had a great time with her friend Emma while we harvested greens.  thank you Emma!

Maeve had a great time with her friend Emma while we harvested greens. Thank you Emma!


Best Guess for next week.

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April 14th




A snowy morning.  I am reminded of my grandfather’s favorite phrase this time of year…..”it must snow on the robin’s back 3 times” before Spring’s official arrival.  We’ve had our 3rd snow as of today and now ready to move on from this long cold winter.


Busy days in the gardens, inside the greenhouse and hoop house. Flats of vegetables fill the tables and every day a list of new seeds to start.  It’s fun watching the tiny tomato seedlings emerge and imagine that in 4 months time these little plants will tower over our heads heavy with delicious tomatoes.


Scott was able to till the garden after a few unexpected dry days and we planted long rows and rows of peas.  The Spring Share plantings in the hoop house doubled in size last week with the warm nights and longer (and brighter) days.









We will need to cover the tender plants in the hoop house the next 2 nights to protect from the expected cold COLD! temperatures.  Hopefully this will be the last time and the row cover can be packed away until needed again in Autumn.



Maeve has been a big help with seed starting this Spring and at times I have trouble keeping up with her container filling….she’s also turning out to be an enthusiastic weeder.







It is important to take a break and relax a bit at the end of a long days work.  Here we are waiting for the Spring Peepers to sing at the pond.  Nothing yet…..



Our nights are spent organizing the garden lay out out and scheduling the plantings.  We’ve doubled checked our supply of packaging containers for the food box and ordered what was in short supply.  We are ready and excited to roll with the season.



Spring Share is set to start Monday May 5th.  We hope to stick to this start date even though it has been a long cold  Spring.  E-mail notices will be sent directly to all members who signed up for this share option as we get a bit closer to the date.



Spring is just around the corner.  I’m sure of it.  I have proof………









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