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It’s Snowing! Big fat flakes…. A wet and chilly launch to the 2017 season.  The gardens are shaping up and the greenhouse and hoop house are FULL! of green goodness. We have to step gingerly as plants are growing in every available interior space.  Life is on schedule for the most part as we adjust our “to do” lists to the weather conditions.  We have expanded the outdoor growing space again (just a bit) to squeeze in a few more rows, Scott quickly built an addition to our greenhouse to provide additional space for early potted seedlings and rebuilt the cooler to add a few more feet of cooling room as it was getting cramped in there too.  Much needed improvements to make life run smoothly.

Cool loving Spring crops are in the field-peas are up, radishes and beets too… long rows of early swiss chard are in and the loooooooooong carrot trough planted.  A huge bed of outdoor spinach was transplanted last week.  All are under cover for protection from the cold.  We’re rolling and excited for the season.

IMG_3169 (1)

Plastic mulch is down and ready to be planted.


Maeve and Scott finishing up the carrot trough.



Tomato plants finally upgraded to larger pots.


ALL! tomato plants….


The new addition to the greenhouse packed full.


Plants taking up floor space in the walkway….


Hoop House looks great with next week’s onions in the foreground.




Scott packing the 1st Share of the season.

All produce is triple rinsed and ready to eat.  ENJOY!

Please return your FoxLine tote the following week after pick up for reuse.  Thanks!

A leafy greens delight this week after a loooooong looooooong!!!!! winter of store bought greens.

Spinach-Delicious Spring spinach is the best!  A nice big bag triple rinsed.  This harvest is a combination of 3 varieties planted last Fall and overwintered and the 1st harvest of 2 varieties planted in February.  A great assortment.


1st harvest of Spinach planted in February.

Braising Mix-Can be enjoyed fresh and raw in salads….  braised, steamed or sauteed. A cool mix of mini kales, collards, choi, and mustards.


Braising mix at harvest in the morning.


Braising Mix after harvest.


Baby Arugula-A huge favorite here!  Slight peppery flavor.  Add to mix salads, or wilted as a delicious side with dinner.


Arugula at harvest.


Baby arugula harvest.

Asian greens blend-A colorful mix of slightly spicy mustards and mizunas.  Great as a mix salad or combined with other greens for a little added zip.  Can also be sauteed.


Beautiful!  Asian Greens Blend.


Harvested greens ready to go to the washing station.

Radishes-A delicious early Spring Radish called French Breakfast. Snappy and not to hot.


French Breakfast radishes at harvest.


The radish packager this week.

Chives-A nice big bunch from the outside gardens.  Holds well in the crisper or in a glass of water in the refrigerator.



Daffodil Bouquet-  A pretty bouquet of my favorite Spring flower to Celebrate the kick off of the season.

IMG_3171 (1)

Daffodil Bouquets ready to go home…..

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK- head lettuces, pac choi, onions, asian greens, leaf lettuce and more…

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