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Winter Storage Box


Wow! What a box!

We had a perfect autumn for all our late crops….We are pleased that there is sooooooo much GREEN! at this time of year for us to pack up for you.  We had several lettuce trials in the greenhouse and ALL were a success.  The spinach and arugula kept plugging along with several layers of row cover out in the field.  I crawled in the tunnels yesterday and harvested.  The bumper crop of brussels sprouts were a true gift.  Over 200 pounds with our final harvest!  We experimented with 2 late cold tolerant broccoli varieties and one sure produced for us.  So, about 3/4 a pound of broccoli for everyone.  We planted peas in the greenhouse too in hopes of having nice long green vines for salad snacking.  They taste great and sure make us think of Spring.  I kicked the snow off the kale in yesterday’s snowstorm and picked the most delicious kale we will eat this season.  This box is a beauty!   Loads of potatoes, squash and pumpkins.  Even a few extras available too!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 1st season of offering the storage/winter food box share.  We have enjoyed the challenge of extending our gardening season.  Seed Catalogs are arriving and we have already placed our order for seed potatoes.

Enjoy the Holidays!

What is in your box

10 pounds potatoes

Sweet potatoes


Squash Assorted

Pie Pumpkin



Chinese Cabbage

Spinach Assorted


Lettuce Medley

Pea Shoots

Sprout Mix





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