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And here we go! A beautiful day for the 1st share….We have had a great start to the season. The weather has been perfect for getting the gardens set and hoop houses prepped. Peas are up outside and all the rows and irrigation set. We planted long rows of early broccoli, cabbages and swiss chard outside last week with fingers crossed the temperatures did not dip too low at night. All good and transplants settled in. Next up the onions will go in and long rows of brussels sprouts and kohlrabi too. The hoop houses are full of fantastic leafy greens that we all crave after this long winter. We are excited to get back to our warm weather routines and days outside.

Spring is always a bit tricky in the hoop houses with the freezing temperatures at night so row cover on and off every day. It’s a lot of work but worth it for the early treats of tender leafy greens.
Planting peas a few weeks back with the seeder! I am ALWAYS resistant to using a tool….Scott “encouraged” me to give it a shot this year and I loved it. Usually I plant by hand and it takes hours-not this year.
Scott laying plastic and setting irrigation. Pea trellises in the foreground.
1st crop in! LONG rows of early broccoli.


butterhead lettuces, HUGE! bags of spinach, pac choi, tokyo bekana, radish medley, baby kale mix

Butterhead lettuces-A Springtime favorite as this type does not grow well in heat. Sweet and crunchy. Several heads in every share.

An experiment that worked! This week’s bicolor butterhead planted a few weeks before next week’s lettuce harvest.
This week’s dark butterhead lettuce harvest and next week’s Newham mini heads.

Spinach!-1st picking of the Spring transplanted spinach. Thick juicy leaves. Sweet and flavorful. HUGE! bags.

Spinach at harvest.
And after!
Triple rinsed spinach.
Maeve weighing and bagging spinach.

Pac Choi-A family favorite. We love it raw in salads for a bit of crunch…and charred in the oven or grilled is fantastic.

Pac choi ready to harvest.

Tokyo Bekana-A fluffy chinese cabbage. Enjoy in a salad or saute with garlic and olive oil.

Morning row cover removed from the tokyo bekana.

Radish Medley-3 varieties planted early in the hoop house. Delicious.

Looks like garden peppermints.
Cutting the tops of the radishes before washing….You can’t tell but it is snowing a bit when we were doing this…

Baby Kale mix-We love this as a mixed salad slightly wilted. Great with beans or wheat berries-and of course feta. Or saute with scrambled eggs.

Baby kale harvest in the early morning light.

Best guess for next week….head lettuces, leaf lettuce, arugula, salad turnips, chives, PINK! spinach, micro greens and more!

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