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We have been keeping ourselves busy in the gardens and hoop houses.  We decided to jump early with our plantings in the hoop house and take a risk and the weather cooperated…a bounty of fresh greens 2 weeks earlier than last year.  Scott had to drape row cover at night to prevent frost damage or even freezing of the new seedlings and transplants and then take it all off in the morning over and over again but so worth it.

All tucked in for the night. 2 layers of fabric just to be safe.

Both houses are fully planted.  Rows of leafy greens, beets, turnips, kohlrabi, carrots, fennel and TONS! of Spinach.  The heated greenhouse needed it’s temporary extension again when we upgraded the tomatoes last week.  We run out of room for a few short weeks each year and Scott created this “temporary” lean-to that does the trick…

Scott adding plastic to the greenhouse addition.

Peas are in outside and so is a bed of swiss chard and radishes seeded in….the soil has been prepped in the gardens and Scott is laying plastic for the potatoes and sweet potato rows now.  Hopefully by the end of next week all rows will be set and we can start transplanting a few early crops.

Maeve filling the pots for tomato upgrading….as long as country music is playing she will chug along forever…

Scott is in the background discing the gardens. Pea trellis up too!


A few changes to our routine due to COVID19….All shares will be a no contact home delivery in non returnable packaging…we will continue this as long as needed through the season to keep all of us safe and healthy.

A great 1st share to kick of the season.

Wintered over spinach, baby kale mix, radishes, asian greens mix, baby pac choi.


Spinach-This is the last harvest of the spinach we planted last August.  Next week we switch to Spinach planted March 1 in hoop 2.

Last harvest of wintered over spinach.

Spinach triple rinsed in dunk tanks.


Kale Mix-Harvested small.  Great raw or wilted in salads.

Baby Kale ready to harvest.

Radishes!-Spring Radishes are the best…not bitter or woody.  Great flavor.  Enjoy!



We had a blast harvesting and snacking in the radish patch.

Asian Greens Mix-A favorite of mine….raw or wilted.  It has a little kick to it but not too spicy.

Morning harvest in the sun.

Mini Pac Choi-A few early birds of this mini variety.  Great addition to a fresh salad or we love it chopped up in broth.

Cute little mini pac choi.


spring spinach, tokyo bekana(fluffy chinese cabbage), arugula, green pac choi, lettuce, mini sprouts and more….

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