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The final share of the 2017 season.  A dusting of snow on the ground this morning after the balmy temperatures of late Fall. It seems an almost a symbolic end to the season today as the ground is freezing and we can do no more in the gardens.  Our clean up is complete, and the gardens are put to bed.  A first around here-ever!

We hosted our 5th year of wreath workshops the last 2 weekends and  it was tons of fun.  I am always amazed at the creative and beautiful wreaths that are constructed.  It is 1 of my favorite activities and something I look forward to every season.

A busy day in the wreath workshop.

Maeve made a wreath too for her bedroom.

Our days will change again with the seasons, the walk in cooler will go off for a few months, seed orders will be placed, machinery mantenance and repair, reorganizing, and a bit of family fun….

Our best ever season!  Thanks to all who shared this amazing year with us.  We are grateful and look forward to 2018 season.

2018 CSA enrollment open January 2018 to existing members-February 1st 2018 to waiting list and general public.



Packing the last share of the 2017 season….




39 pounds in every bountiful winter storage share…2 totes again today!


Spinach, lettuce, arugula, onions, shallots, garlic, brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, chinese cabbage, fingerling potatoes, gold rush potatoes, sunchokes, winter squash-acorn, carnival, spaghetti squash, sweet potato fingerlings, honey and soap

Lettuce-A cold hardy bronze colorful head.  Several heads in each share.

Lettuce ready to harvest in the hoop house.


Triple rinsed and ready for the shares.

Spinach-Delicious frost kissed spinach.  Nothing better!  Thick sweet leaves.  A nice big bag in every share.

Scott uncovering the spinach for us to harvest.

The bounty triple rinsed, weighed and ready for the shares.

Arugula-A favorite!  Snappy with a bit of peppery flavor.  Delicious in fresh salads and fantastic on pizza.

Arugula at harvest.

Storage onions-A nice big bag 3+ pounds in every share.

Shallots/cipollini onions-A mixed bag of these little gems.  LONG storage life and mild flavor.

Garlic-A great garlic year for us and a big bag of several heads to finish out the season.

Brussels Sprouts-Another 3 pound bag.  As I mentioned before our best ever season of brussels sprouts-1000ish pounds which amazes us!

Carrots-The last of the sweet storage carrots.

Weighing out the carrots…..

Cabbage-remember those cute mini heads….the last rotation that came from the garden we saved for this share.  Sweet, delicious and perfectly sized.

LOVE! These mini cabbages…

Chinese Cabbage-Same thing….we planted a late crop of mini chinese cabbage and held them as a treat for the final share.  Enjoy!

Last chinese cabbage to come from the garden before the frost.

Fingerling Potatoes and gold rush potatoes-A big bag of each to carry you for the winter….

Scott weighing out all the potatoes after washing.


Sunchokes-We harvest these every other year to let the roots grow large.  Great nutty flavor delicious roasted and in soups.


A big bag of sunchokes in every share. Long storage life…

Winter Squash-Acorn and carnival-4 in every share and Many more on the extra table if any member would like to grab a few extra….

Spaghetti Squash-A treat!  We always like to hold a few back at harvest for a late season surprise..

Sweet potato fingerlings-A mixed bag of the 3 varieties we grew this year…

Honey-An end of season delight.  Backyard honey from our hives.

Soap-A very special friend makes me “birthday soap” every year and makes a big batch for me to share with our CSA members.  My favorite scents.


Thanks to all for sharing this amazing 2017 season with us and those early bird spinach shares of late March and early April are just around the corner….

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