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The garden is at rest.  The fluffy blanket of snow tells us now is the end of any last minute clean up or tidying around the edges.  Our work is done outside.  Interesting to us that the snow cover is on the last day of our food boxes for the year.  A hard stop to many months of labor.


The rhythm of our days have changed dramatically with the shorter day length and cold temperatures.  A welcomed change.



We spend our evenings going over notes from the summer, taking more notes on our recollections of outstanding crops or those we felt could be better.  We have read over all  returned surveys from the summer season and made adjustments or additions to next year’s growing season based on member’s wonderful feedback. Our seed catalogs are already dog eared….the seed orders will be placed by Christmas and then it starts all over again the beginning of February.  We are enjoying these days.

We hosted 2 holiday evergreen workshops over the weekend and had a fantastic time.  It is one of my favorite seasonal activities and was happy to share our time with so many.  The wreaths created were  beautiful and each unique.


Enjoy the bounty of the 2nd and last storage share of 2013.  Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you so much for sharing the season with our family.



We put everything in 2 kraft grocery bags so no boxes have to be returned.

Scott and Maeve packing the storage shares.

Scott and Maeve packing the storage shares.

10 pounds yukon gold potatoes

5 assorted winter squash

3 heads of garlic

Bag of dried rosemary

Bag of dried Cayenne Chili Peppers

2.5 pounds storage onions

1 pint of Honey

1/2 pint of raspberry syrup

2 pounds brussels sprouts

2 pounds parsnips

Mini head of cabbage

Chinese Cabbage

2 pounds carrots

2 celeriac roots

Bunch of leeks

A paperwhite bulb planted in a mason jar.

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