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Rain and more rain was the theme this past week.  Almost 5 inches fell here in 5 days.  All this rain limited what we were able to do in the gardens.  It’s mucky out there so we had a bit of a “staycation”.  Catch up on maintenance duties inside and out, worked on the paperwork pile that stacks high in the summer, organized school clothes, played fun games, and visited the Cave of the Mounds.  A fun forced break in our routine.


Astronaut Scott Sullivan visited the bees this week.  Sweet honey in our future.

Our watermelon patch provided WAY! WAY! more delicious watermelon than needed.  We donated to the Baraboo Food Pantry again and the St. Clare Daycare Center.  A Perfect summer treat and we are happy to share.

Late season crops look great!  Our last rotation of beans set flower, edamame is plumping up, winter squash looks plentiful, and brussels sprouts abundant.  Maeve sampled a first sneak of the early season brussel sprouts.


1st brussels sprout of the season!


Another great share….a big pepper harvest this week and enjoy the delicious fingerlings. Our experimental tomatillo crop had a great harvest and it is in the “extra” area along with the never ending abundant eggplant and other goodies.

We broke the 1000 pound mark again this week thanks to those watermelons.  1044 is going home with the CSA Members.  Enjoy.



Head lettuce-We are hitting our goal of lettuce every week all summer long.  A great head of Tropican from the hoop house.


Tropicana ready to be harvested.

Kale-Finally!  We have been trying to include this to the weekly shares for 5 weeks but the shares have been too large.  It’s here and it’s delicious.  An assorted bunch in every share.


Kale in the wash tank.

Sweet Peppers-A jumbo sweet pepper harvest again this week.  A great crop for us this year.  Assorted Bells and other sweet peppers appear in each share.


Great Pepper Harvest. 

Mini Sweet Peppers-An assortment of these cuties.  ALL sweet and all delicious.


This week’s mini sweet pepper assortment.


Close view of those beauties….

Spaghetti Squash-A “personal” sized spaghetti squash.  Great for 1 meal.  Slice open, bake and scrape out “stringy” insides which resemble spaghetti noodles.

Melon-The abundant watermelon harvest continues and the cantaloupes are starting.  Choose a perfect one to take home.


MORE! Melon.

Cherry Tomatoes-Another pint mix of the assorted beauties.


Washed cherry tomatoes.

Paste Tomatoes-Choose a few to enjoy.

Fingerling Potatoes!!-They are here.  Another favorite potato in our house. Just out of the ground.  Enjoy.



Head Lettuce-A sweet head of hoop house grown Tropicana.


Getting ready to harvest the lettuce in the early morning.

Kale-An assorted bunch.  We spent 5 weeks trying to sneak this in the shares and final have room.  Enjoy!


Kale washed and ready to be bundled.

Sweet Peppers-Delicious Bells and Bull Horn peppers this week.


This week’s pepper harvest.

Bag of Mini Sweet “cupid” peppers-Delicious thick walled snackers.


Cupid sweet peppers ready to be picked.


Cupid peppers portioned out for this week’s share.  


They look like strawberries!

Beets-A goal for us this summer was bountiful beets.  Another harvest from the outside gardens.


This week’s beets.

Fennel-The perfect pairing with Beets!

Melon- Amazing watermelons and sweet cantaloupes.  Choose 2 melons to take home.


Super Sweet Melon!


Cherry Tomatoes-A Quart again this week of this sweet treat.


Washed and ready to be added to the shares.

Paste Tomatoes-Choose a few….

Chinese Cabbage-A mid sized head.  Perfect added to salads, makes a great slaw or fantastic in stir fry.

Fingerling Potatoes!  Just dug delicious fingerlings.  Enjoy!


Scott weighing out the fingerling potatoes.  Last packing job of the day….. note-darkness outside, can you guess the time?

Raspberries (PARTIAL SHARE) NOT all Full Shares will receive raspberries this week. The raspberry season  just started and not enough to fill the share.  Choose a container this week or next week-A sweet treat thanks to Neighbor Gene who tends the patch and welcomes us to pick.


1st raspberries of the season.


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A bit of Autumn is in the morning air.  Cool, damp, dewy mornings signal to us that the season is quietly transitioning. This little whisper is putting a hustle in our step to get those final crops of the season in the field and the last rotations in the hoophouse and overwintered crops started.  A few times this past week we mentioned “we are out of time!”.  The summer is slowly rolling by.

We had some time to get our tomato canning and drying done this past week with the bounty tomato haul from the patch. We slow cooked down the tomatoes and made a thick sauce to freeze.


A mix of the pretty heirlooms for our sauce.


1st batch cooked down and ready for the freezer.

With all the bounty from the garden we have been able to regularly attend the Baraboo Farmers’ Market.  Always a fun Saturday and Maeve is helping out this year too.


Saturday at the Baraboo Farmers’ Market.

We were pleased that we had extra time as hours were not spent on huge labor intensive harvests this past week.  We are between bean crops and with the cucumber and zucchini crops pulled we finally had time on our hands to focus on some major cleanup and  weeding and work on some primping around here.  The garden walkways were cleared, existing crops weeded and greenhouse and hoop house spiffed up.  Finally!!!  It feels great.

Big news is we started the melon harvest. We have been monitoring the field for 2 weeks and after a final check……


Ready to check a golden midget watermelon….looks promising.


Beautiful! We’re ready…..Finally!  

After peeking under the canopy of greens at the start of harvest we had a HUGE! “Holy Cow” moment. There were tons of melon beauties under there. TONS!  We had no idea. 5 hours later the harvest was done and hundreds of melons were pulled from the field.  Never have we had an abundance like this before.  We donated a load to the Boys and Girls Club for the kids to enjoy.  Nothing better than sweet fresh watermelon at the end of summer.



1st melon from the field.. A golden midget.


A quick taste test.



Scott picking up the melons.


We planted several varieties and they are SWEET!


Another fantastic share this week with many colorful treats.  AND we jumped over the 1000 pound mark thanks to the watermelon harvest.  1387 pounds from the garden this week.  Enjoy!



Cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes, tomato sauce kit(paste tomatoes, oregano, jalapeno pepper, garlic, celery), romaine lettuce, carrots, potatoes, melon, sweet peppers,

Cherry Tomatoes-A pint of the pretty mix.


Washed and ready for this week’s share.

Tomato Sauce Kit-Everything needed for the perfect homemade sauce.  Paste tomatoes, garlic, peppers, celery and oregano.


Washed Celery for the Tomato Sauce Kits.

Slice Tomatoes-Choose a couple.

Head Lettuce-Another great Romaine harvest from the hoop house.  Our seasonal goal is fresh lettuce every week.

Carrots!-Delicious snappy carrots from our hoop house.  Perfect!


Scott pulling carrots.


Finishing up my side of the row.


What a bounty!


Look at that funny guy!

Potatoes-This week’s choice is Superior.  A dryer potato and delicious.


Superior Potatoes.  Perfect!

Sweet Peppers-Beautiful Carmen Italian Fryer Peppers and a Sweet Bell this week..


Another Jumbo Pepper harvest.

Watermelon-A sweet, sweet harvest. 1 watermelon in each share.  Choose a beauty.



Cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes, tomato sauce kit (paste tomatoes, oregano, jalapeno, celery), romaine head lettuce, carrots, potatoes, 2 watermelons, sunflower bouquets, spaghetti squash, sweet peppers.

Cherry Tomato-A quart mix again this week.


Ripe cherry tomatoes above the top of the trellis.


Washing the cherry tomatoes before packaging.

Tomato Sauce Kits-Everything needed for the perfect homemade sauce.  Paste tomatoes, celery, garlic, and peppers.

Slice Tomatoes-Choose your favorites.

Romaine Lettuce-Another sweet head from the hoop house this week.

Carrots!-A huge bag of these beauties.


Scott starting the carrot harvest in the hoop house.


Another Funny guy.


Washed carrots ready to be weighed out for the shares.

Potatoes-Perfect Superiors this week.  A nice dry potato.  A great baker.


Scott weighing out this week’s potatoes.

Watermelon-Choose the perfect 2 for you.

Sunflower Bouquet-A pretty late season bouquet.


I always leave a few sunflowers out in the field for the insects to enjoy….A sunflower visitor.

Sweet Peppers-A pretty collections of assorted sweet peppers.


The plants are still loaded….!


More pretty peppers…..

Spaghetti Squash-The 1st pick through the field.  Enjoy!

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-melon, potatoes, leeks, beets, fennel, lettuce, tomatoes and more……





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It was a week of transition in the gardens.  Long rows of late season mini cabbages were transplanted, autumn spinach seeded in, and Scott pulled down the cucumber vines after a final harvest.  A new crop was quickly transplanted in it’s place for a late season treat.

Cucumber trellis after the last harvest.

Cucumber trellis after the last harvest.

Cucumber trellis with new transplants a few hours later.

Cucumber trellis with new transplants a few hours later.

The zucchini patch was also cleared and we will wait a few weeks for the 2nd planting to produce.  We had huge harvests from the peppers this week and a bounty from the tomato patch.  It is a strong season for us and we are so happy to be able to say this.  Abundant shares, delicious produce to donate to the Baraboo Food pantry, farmers market and restaurant sales too.  A great summer.

Scott was able to get some heavy weeding done and space cleared in the fields while I harvested my days away and seeded in crops in the greenhouse and hoop house.  A bit of a hustle with the late season plantings as we are running out of time if we want them to produce before the 1st frost.

Scott prepping the hoop house for replanting.

Scott prepping the hoop house for replanting.  Making way for Fall Crops.

We picked our 2nd “almost ripe” watermelon this week and did a walk about through the whole melon patch and we are almost there.  Tons! and TONS!!!! of melons are out there under the vines.  It was exciting to peek and we look forward to starting the harvest next week.



Darn! Almost ripe.

Darn! Almost ripe.

Maeve's favorite summer drink.

Maeve’s favorite summer drink.



It’s a pepper/tomato bonanza week and oh so beautiful.  Another HUGE! eggplant harvest again this week.  The bounty will appear on the “extras” table as it has in past weeks for any member to take and enjoy.  AND! our experimental tomatillo crop is doing well 4 varieties are also in the “extra” area this week to enjoy along with many other “extra” goodies to choose from.

825 pounds of great produce is going out the door today!  Enjoy…..

Tomatillo harvesting in our test plot.

Tomatillo harvesting in our test plot.



Romaine head lettuce, sweet corn, Slice tomatoes, pint cherry tomatoes, cabbage, kohlrabi, sweet peppers, HOT! jalapeno peppers, sweet summer onions, cucumber medley, zucchini

Head Lettuce-We had a huge romaine harvest this week.  Beautiful sweet heads and a true wonder in this heat. We are grateful.

Romaine at early morning harvest.

Romaine at early morning harvest.

Corn-Small very sweet corn from Uncle Jim.  Delicious.

Slice Tomatoes-A HUGE! harvest from the patch and many to choose from.

Cherry Tomatoes-A mixed pint for all snack pack shares.

Your cherry tomato washer and "quality control" inspector.

Your cherry tomato washer and “quality control” inspector.

Cabbage -A medium sized snappy head perfect for slaw, stir fry or fresh eating.

Beautiful! And ready for the shares....

Beautiful! And ready for the shares….

Kohlrabi-2 in each share. Peel thick outer skin and eat the crunchy interior.

Sweet Peppers-Beautiful Sweet peppers were harvest this week.

The 1st pass down the pepper rows. A bounty!

The 1st pass down the pepper rows. A bounty!

Jalapeno HOT! peppers-2 in each share.

Sweet Summer Onion-Must be stored in refrigerator.

Cucumber Medley-This is the end of the cucumbers for a few weeks.

Zucchini-Also, the end of this crop for a few weeks.




Romaine head lettuce, sweet corn, slice tomatoes, quart cherry tomatoes, cabbage, kohlrabi, Sweet peppers, jimmy nardello peppers, HOT! jalapeno peppers, sweet summer onions, cucumber medley, beets, garlic, zucchini

Head Lettuce-A delicious Summer romaine from the hoop house.

Romaine ready to harvest.

Romaine ready to harvest.

Corn-Another great harvest from Uncle Jim!  Small SWEET ears.

Slice Tomatoes-Tons! to choose from….pick your favorite.

Cherry Tomatoes-Another quart of these beauties for all Full Shares this week.

Tomato Cleaning before they are put in containers.

Tomato Cleaning before they are put in containers.

Beautiful Cherry Tomatoes.

Beautiful Cherry Tomatoes.

Cabbage-Perfect size for fresh eating or added to stir Fry.  Grilled is delicious too.

Kohlrabi-4 in each share.  Peel the tough outer light green skin and enjoy the crunchy interior.

Sweet Peppers-It is a great pepper week.  An assortment of sweet bells and bull horn in Full Share.  Beautiful!

Carmen Peppers in the hot summer haze.

Carmen Peppers in the hot summer haze.

More Carmen up close. the plants are loaded!

More Carmen up close. The plants are loaded!

So Pretty.

So Pretty.

Jimmy Nardello SWEET Pepper-A fantastic sweet pepper with great flavor.

Jimmy was of the first Nardello generation born in America. The fourth of 11 kids, he was the only one to inherit his mother’s love of peppers.  In Naugatuck, he built terraces like they did in the hillsides of Southern Italy.  He nourished his peppers and dried them so they could be enjoyed in winter.

Before Jimmy died in 1983, he donated his pepper seeds to Seed Savers Exchange, where they’ve been stewards of the pepper for nearly thirty years.  The Jimmy Nardello Sweet Italian Frying Pepper, now its official name, is listed in the US Ark of Taste at Slow Food, the vegetable version of the endangered species list.

Jalapeno-HOT! 4 in each share.

Sweet Summer Onions-Must be stored in the refrigerator.

Cucumber Medley-A final mix from our early plantings.

Zucchini-The last harvest from the 1st patch.

Beets-A nice big bag of one of our favorite crops….more to come.

Garlic-2 heads in each Full Share this week.


BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-watermelon, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, carrots!, garlic, celery and more…..






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Another HOT! week behind us and we are planting Fall crops.  An odd feeling to be transitioning to Autumn in sweltering heat.  Long rows of broccoli were transplanted out into the garden and more seeds planted in the greenhouse for late season crops.  Several lettuce rotations were added to the hoop house and we are thrilled our final rotation of late carrots germinated well in the heat.  Always a bit tricky at this time of year.


Weekly lettuce transplanting in the hoop house. Next week’s harvest behind me….

Scott’s grandson Keith helped harvest and process our entire onion crop this week and we are grateful.  All the sweet summer onions are out of the garden and cleaned in the cooler and the storage onions are curing on an empty bench in the greenhouse. When that job was done Scott and Keith moved on to potato digging and had fun together.  We enjoyed our time with Keith and grateful for the help with some big jobs that had to get done.

Our crops are thriving in this near perfect summer and huge harvests are coming from the gardens. 1st rotations of summer squash and cucumbers are still producing and we must pick daily to stay on top of the harvest.   An amazing pepper crop is just starting to mature and high yield came from the tomato patch this week.  2 bean rotations are producing at the same time even though they were planted 2 weeks apart.  Long days of harvesting but we are happy.  We peeked at the melon patch and found an “almost” ripe one that we ate at supper.  Next week more to come.


1st melon from the patch….

Our days are full with late season transplanting and harvesting and we fret that the weeds  are loving this weather and thriving in our walkways and around the edges.  It looks a bit shaggy out there but we feel good the crops are well tended.  Hopefully next week there will be time for maintenance to be top priority.  Hopefully…….


Another HUGE! share this week.  Crazy!  Chuckle along with us….share with your neighbors, friends and family.   It is an amazing summer for us and we are rolling in goodness.  It may not last but while it’s here we are going to love every minute of it.  Enjoy it all….All 855 pounds of it.


Scott double checking the list before we start the packing…..




head lettuce, sweet corn, leeks, carola potatoes, sweet summer onions, cucumber medley, summer squash, beans,  sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes and slice tomatoes

Head Lettuce-We are still harvesting fantastic lettuce from the hoop house even in this extreme heat and humidity.  The variety is called 2 Star.  Sweet, delicious and perfect.



Lettuce ready to harvest in the early morning.

Sweet Corn-Another harvest from Uncle Jim.  A BIG! thank you to Uncle Jim.

Summer Leeks-We love leeks.  We plant 3 different varieties and this is the 1st harvest.  Keith helped with this huge harvest too!


1st Leek harvest of seeds started in February.

Potatoes-1st harvest from the carola row.  We had to include them with the leeks.  Carola is Scott’s favorite potato.  Great all around potato.  Mashed, fried, baked or steamed.

Sweet Onions-A great harvest after last year’s “so-so” crop. Enjoy.

Beans-A huge bag!  2 rotations of beans ready to harvest at the same time.  A bounty.

Cucumber Medley-Another great assortment.  We were going to pull the vines last week as we thought they were about done.  I am glad we held off.  A great harvest this week.

IMG_1082 (1)

A full tub of beauties from 1 side of the trellis.

Summer Squash-The patch keeps chugging away.  We were going to clear this crop last week too but CSA members said to keep it around a bit longer.

Sweet Peppers-2 jewels in every share.  An assorted harvest of beautiful bells and long italian bull horn styles.


Gorgeous peppers!


Cherry Tomatoes-A huge harvest this week! Maeve helped wash and process this crop.

Washing and sorting the cherry tomatoes.

Washing and sorting the cherry tomatoes. 


Maeve noticed that the Indigo variety of cherry tomatoes have a perfect star on top.



Every single one….


Slice Tomatoes-A jumbo harvest this week.  Choose your favorites!


Beautiful Slice tomatoes.




head lettuce , sweet corn, leeks, potatoes, sweet onions, beans, cucumbers, english cucumber, summer squash, sweet peppers, mini sweet peppers assorted, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes

Head lettuce-A small miracle to be harvesting delicious and perfect lettuce from the hoop house in this prolonged muggy weather.  Enjoy a great head of 2 star.

Sweet Corn-Another pick from Uncle Jim.  “Thank you” Uncle Jim for this tasty summer treat.

Leeks-A huge harvest of early leeks.


Washed and ready to be bundled in this week’s shares.


Potatoes-Scott’s favorite carola is this week’s dig.  Steamed, mashed, fried or baked,  Delicious.


Always fun to find this sweet surprise.


Sweet Summer Onions-A few in every share. Store in the refrigerator.

Beans-A huge bag from a huge harvest this week.


Scott weighing out the beans.

Cucumber Medley-A big bag of a delicious assortment.


Cucumbers on the vine.


Sorting out this week's  harvest of cucumbers for the shares.

Sorting out this week’s harvest of cucumbers for the shares.

Summer Squash-Another great harvest even though I thought we were going to pull the plants last week as the plants are trailing all over the place.

Sweet Peppers-A beautiful harvest of assorted sweet peppers.

Sweet Carmen ready to be picked.

Sweet Carmen ready to be picked.

Mini Sweet Peppers-We love these beauties.  Enjoy!


Mini sweet peppers sorted and ready to be bagged for Full share.


Jalapeno-A few again this week to spice things up.

Cherry Tomatoes-A HUGE! container this week.


Cherry tomatoes all washed and ready to package.

Slice Tomatoes-Here they come….choose a few of your favorites.

Pretty Heirlooms.

Pretty Heirlooms.

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-kohlrabi, watermelon, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, celery, summer squash, cabbage, purple potatoes and more…..

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