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CSA #11

Another perfect week. An easy pace with a later start time as it really is not light out until 6 a.m. We ignored the weedy shaggy edges this week and focused on the harvests and a bit of fun before school starts.

The very last lettuce rotation of the season was seeded in cells in the greenhouse-crazy! We still transplant out 300 lettuce plants a week in hoop 1 and will continue this for about 6 more weeks.

Morning Lettuce transplanting.

And it is tomato sauce time here. Both Nesco crock pots hang out on the counter these days.

We planted a long row of late radishes in Hoop 2 for fun and we dug the 1st of the heirloom potatoes. We peeked under the sweet potato vines and they sure look great. The cucumbers are done and the last picking of cucumbers on the extra table this week and I think we will be coming to a hard stop on the slice tomatoes next week too. We have had a good 5 weeks of tomatoes but we can tell the vines are going down. Expected with this weather and late season but hard to see them go. We are looking forward to Autumn and all the delicious treats to enjoy….best news is we are going to sneak off some brussels sprouts next week for an early taste. The plants are gorgeous and and we planted 2 varieties…1 an extra early variety so we have a nice long season after the crop failure last year.

CSA #11



Head lettuce-A great harvest this week of delicious and crunchy head lettuces we harvested 2 varieties and 1 or both will appear in your share.

Cantaloupe-All we can say is delicious!

Tomatoes-A HUGE! harvest again this week Quart cherries for everyone and a great selection of slicers. This will be the last big week of tomatoes….

Cabbage-Crisp, sweet and fluffy. A perfectly sized medium head.

Heirloom potatoes-These potatoes are amazing boiled or steamed. Also great in tinfoil on the grill. The flavor can’t be beat!

Maeve potato digging on a hot afternoon.

Broccoli Side Shoots-(Full Only)These are the plants we planted in Spring they just won’t quit.

Peppers-We planted 3 different varieties of Bell peppers and small medium and large. A combination of some sort is in every share. We are thrilled after the long wait for the peppers. Also, Italian Fry Peppers this week too. We thinned the plants a bit as they were loaded and the peppers were getting very crowded. Also check the extra table for additional peppers-ancho, jimmy nardello, jalapeno and more…

Summer Squash-A surprise that they are still chugging them out. Longest summer squash season we have had.

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-Brussels Sprouts!!! (for real), edamame, green beans, head lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and more…

1st green beans of our 3rd planting. In the shares next week.

Edamame almost ready!

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CSA #10

A very happy week here in the gardens….

Final plantings are all in except for late spinach and the usual lettuce rotations. We are hauling out the potatoes and a beyond great tomato harvest this week.

Potato Harvest.

The storage onions and shallots are just about cured and will appear in future shares. Our cucumber plants are just about done and ready to retire for the season same with zucchini patch #1 and the next rotation of green beans flowering. We did our taste test in the melon patch and think we will start the harvest next week. Fingers crossed.

Taste Test.

AND! we went and did our first check of the winter squash ornamental pumpkin patch….fantastic!

CSA #10



Tomatoes-Huge harvest this week. Enjoy!

Cherry tomatoes-The most we have picked at one time-EVER!

Head Lettuce-2 varieties harvested this week from Hoop 1.

Colorful Carrots-Harvested from Hoop 2. A fun assortment of color. We love them roasted. And absolutely fantastic chopped fresh in salads. The flavor!…and I totally forgot to take a picture when we were harvesting….

Beets-A favorite here. We love to roast them in the oven and then eat hot or cold.

Summer Squash-Enjoy…Patch 1 is just about done and #2 slowing down as well….we are nearing the end of this summer staple.

CORN! We had to do it again….it is soooooooooooo good this year! Thanks to John Raupp-Raupp Family Farm for providing this treat.

John Raupp-Corn King!
We finished our harvest right at dark…

Fennel-Great with a beet fennel salad and delicious grilled too. Shave in fresh salads for a unique flavor.

Garlic-An image from harvest. Scott has all the garlic cleaned up and ready for the shares. We will have garlic every other week. Great harvest thanks to Jeannie and Brad. Bulk garlic for sale starting next week. And who knew-garlic freezes very well for winter meal prep.

Best Guess for next week-melon???, head lettuce, cabbage, peppers and more….

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CSA #9

It’s bounty time! With perfect rain-just over 3 inches and perfect weather. Almost a repeat of last week…. Huge HEAVY harvests coming from the garden. We are thrilled with the tomato harvest this week. Enjoy! Nothing tastes better than a fresh tomato.

We pulled the carrots from hoop 2 and the beets came out too. Both of these crops will appear in future shares. We reserved 2 sections in the hoop for Fall Spinach transplants and direct seeded in spinach seed for baby spinach production. Radishes will fill the side wall rows next week.

Carrot harvest….

The zucchini patches were powerhouses but the 1st rotation is slowing down. Cucumbers are near the end of their season and the peppers are FINALLY showing color. We dug the 1st purple potatoes and these appear in Full share this week. Purple is a personal family favorite. Best mashed potato in our opinion and we love them fried.

The Brussels Sprout rows look amazing and we are thrilled as last year was a crop failure and edamame is right around the corner. So many wonderful things to look forward to as the garden shifts again to late Summer and Autumn.



What is in your share-corn, head lettuce, kale mix, summer squash, purple beans, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, broccoli side shoots (snack only), bell pepper (full only), slice tomato, paste tomato, cherry tomatoes

Corn-Amazing flavor! From Scott’s relative’s farm. Raupp Family Farm. Absolutely delicious.

Field taste test.

Head lettuce-A pretty bicolor summer crisp this week.

Baby Kale Mix-Add it to your fresh salads or a quick saute to wilt with garlic and onions as a delicious side dish. We like to stir it into broth.

Baby Kale harvest at 1st light.

Summer Squash-A Strong summer squash season here….and in the heat we picked twice a day-on some days over 50 came from the 2 patches.

Zucchini in the morning sun.

Purple Beans-A bounty! These are skinny french filet beans and as you know change color when cooked.

Cucumbers-We are nearing the end of the harvest window. Maybe 1 more week…

Cucumber bucket not as full on the daily harvest.

Potatoes-The last of the red norlands went to snack pack this week and the start of the purple potatoes in Full Share.

Maeve and the 1st purple potatoes from the ground.


Sweet Summer Onions-Enjoy these wonders as we have the best ever harvest.

Broccoli Side Shoots (snack only) The early broccoli plants are sending out tons of side shoots. Perfect for the weekly stir fry.

Bell Pepper (full only)-FINALLY! a pepper from the garden….it is taking forever.

Slice tomato/Paste tomato-A great harvest this week with several varieties to choose from.

Cherry tomatoes-pint in snack and quart in full. A great assortment in color, size texture and flavor.


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Summer CSA #8

August arrived! Happy days that are very full of harvest duties. A perfect rain fell right when we needed it most and we are relieved. A bit over an inch and we eased up on the round-the-clock irrigation. We started the every other day visit to the tomato patch and Jeannie and Maeve got all the storage onions and shallots out Monday morning. The melons are growing large and we are still waiting for the peppers to color up. Edamame crop looks fantastic and next week a big carrot harvest. The days are long but we are thrilled with how strong the season is for us.

CSA #8

Full Share

Snack Pack


Corn!-This is conventional corn grown by Scott’s relatives the Raupp Family. It is delicious and grown by a fantastic family. We are grateful.

John and Kathy picking corn.

Maeve conducting a field taste test….

Head Lettuce Trio-Great lettuces out of the hoop house this week. A mix in every share.

Morning romaine harvest

Cut and ready for transport.

Summer Squash-We are harvesting twice a day now… patch 2 is in full swing.

Cucumbers-I think this is the peak of cucumber harverst. picked small to ensure a small seed cavity and best flavor.

Morning cucumber crawl.

Dill-a batch of pickles, fish or salad garnish.

Cherry tomatoes-A beautiful mixed selection.

Washed cherry tomatoes ready to go home. The yellow beauty in the foreground is named “blush”.

Tomatoes-slice and paste…the 1st of the season

Purple Filet Beans- Long and thin. The purple fades/disappears when cooking.

Purple ruffle basil-delicious genovese flavor. Beautiful on a fresh salad or garnish a paste dish. Makes a fun pesto too.

Purple Ruffle Basil

Chinese Cabbage-We trialed 3 varieties….mini, medium and large. An assortment is in the shares this week.

Chinese Cabbage spinning dry after triple rinse.

Garlic- We are thrilled with the garlic harvest this season. Thank you Brad and Jeannie for getting it in the ground last Fall.

Sweet Summer Onions-We will be seeing these in the shares for awhile. A best ever harvest for us.

Maeve cleaning the last of the sweet summer onions.

Best Guess…????-unsure as there are many choices. Cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, summer squash, cucumber, purple filet beans, beets, fennel, carrots and more.

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