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CSA #12

As is the theme around here this time of year the week zipped right on by….The tomato bonanza continues with huge harvests from the patch and we had a fantastic edamame harvest that took hours to pull those tasty pods of the stalks. We enjoyed the time inside out of the steamy heat that hung around all week.

Scott and Maeve cleaning the edamame.

We took a nice long walking tour of the pumpkin/squash patch and it looks fantastic. I have to say it every chance I get-“Thank you Cousin John Raupp for making this happen!!!”-ornamental pumpkins are my absolute favorite thing and to see these beauties in the field is pure happiness.

Look at that wonder!

CSA #12


Cantaloupe-We had a great cantaloupe season this year…As long term members remember-I gave up on cantaloupe many years ago when we had an entire patch COOK! in wet hot sun. It was so disappointing it took awhile for me to be brave enough to risk it again. They are back and they are delicious.

Head Lettuce-A delicious morning lettuce harvest from hoop 1 this week. A pretty bicolor.

Lettuce in the morning sun.

Romaine lettuce hearts-(Full Only)-We had a small harvest of a trial romaine variety and added these snappy mini hearts to the full shares.

Zucchini-Patch 1 fully retired….Patch 2 chugging along….

The daily zucchini walk.

Fry Peppers-We are picking these green as the plants are Heavy with fruit and we are also getting a bit of sunburned shoulders as they ripen.

Baby Bells-We love these mini bells-perfect for salads.

Baby Bell Harvest.

Edamame-A favorite around here….and a best ever harvest for us too! We love it steamed and salted as a treat. We are also adding it to our tomato sauce with pasta.


Cherry Tomatoes-a delicious harvest again this week.

Slice tomatoes! STILL TONS! but the heirlooms are done….

Ready for the shares…
And we are still making sauce for the winter!

Carrots-We harvested these out of hoop 2. A variety called romance….

Jumbo Kohlrabi-Ths is the huge german variety that does not get woody at all….peel and eat. We love it salted and raw or shredded in a slaw.

Cleaning the kohlrabi at the compost pile.
Jumbo Kohlrabi headed to the washing tank.

Mini head cabbage-These are the perfect size for cutting in 1/2 and grilling. Nothing better! And so tender they shred up for a sweet slaw.

Mini cabbage at harvest.


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CSA #11 August 19th

All I can say is tomatoes!!!!….best tomato season ever for us. We harvest 400+ pounds 1 day and over 600+ 2 days later. How does that even happen! And will pick again tonight….a bit overwhelming and fun all rolled together. We are out of space and we are busy making our own sauce to enjoy during the winter months.

Maeve is still the cherry tomato Queen….
Our workspace is FULL!

When we were not harvesting tomatoes we transplanted spinach into hoop 2 for Autumn harvest.

Spinach transplants.

Scott seeded in long rows of Fall radishes in hoop 2 and we irrigated like crazy even after all that rain. The next rotation of beans is flowering and the edamame is just about ready.

Beans are flowering.

We had a weather casualty. All that Fall broccoli we planted was just heading up when the heat and rain hit and those perfect little heads baked in the hot wet sun. We walked down the rows and cut the heads with hopes we get some jumbo side shoots. We have a late season broccoli crop out there too so hopefully we will all eat a bit more broccoli at the finish of the season.

The spaghetti squash is harvested and curing in the greenhouse and we had a great watermelon harvest this week.

Heart watermelon from our mold. We snuck this beauty in a share for today.

CSA #11


Head Lettuce, Kale, Superior Potatoes, Italian Fry Peppers, Lunchbox peppers (snack only), Cherry tomatoes, Slice Tomatoes, Sweet Summer Onions, Zucchini, Watermelon, Cantaloupe (snack only)

Head Lettuce-A pretty bicolored mini oakleaf. Sweet flavor

Morning Lettuce Harvest.

Kale-We harvested the smaller tender leaves. This year we only grew Lacinato varieties as we think they taste best!

Potatoes-Superior is the variety….fluffy and delicious. I think we might be having the best potato year too….there is something to say for sure for 100% weed free and perfect growing conditions.

Superior-hand digging these beauties…
Washed and ready to be weighed.

Italian Fry Peppers-We had to go down the rows and pick some green ones to thin them out. The plants are loaded-the peppers are crowding each other out and also tipping the plants over with weight.

Thinning out the italian Fry pepper plants.

Lunchbox peppers-snack only-delicious sweet peppers and so pretty too.

Cherry tomatoes…..The bounty continues.

End of the Cherry tomato row….
Washed Cherry tomatoes
And we made a slow cooker sauce. Supper Sweet. Great for tomato soup.

Slice tomatoes-Great selection this week….4 again for Snack and 6 again for Full.

Sweet Onions-This is the end of the sweet onion harvest. We will move on to storage onions next.

Zucchini-Happy to say patches are slowing down.

Watermelon-2 or 3 in all Full Shares 1 in Snack Pack. Enjoy!

We did our daily watermelon check and decided it was time. As you can see in the background Bell could care less.

Cantaloupe-snack only-Sweet cantaloupe has returned to the CSA. More for Full Share next week…


Pretty Pumpkin image from the patch.

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CSA #10 August 12th

An amazing week of big harvests in the garden, early morning to beat the heat and a very odd rhythm with the storms that popped up quickly-even in the sunshine! Over 3 inches total for the week here with no severe damaging weather and we are grateful. Somehow the days flew past with many outfit changes out of wet clothes. The tomato patch is amazing we pull over 400+ pounds out of there every other day. The tomatoes are beautiful but we see decline crawling in with this high humidity and heat and storms. Glad to say several weeks of harvesting to go. The potato harvest is fantastic and we believe it may be a “best ever” potato season for us. We will be eating a lot of potatoes! Hoop 2 was cleared of 3 great carrot rotations for future shares and we are preparing the space for Fall spinach.

Carrots out….Next week this area will be transplanted with spinach.

The season are changing. And we grabbed 2 more pumpkins from the patch this week again just for fun.

I can’t help myself….unique pumpkins are my favorite!
LOVE! those flat white beauties…

Daily melon checks in both the watermelon and cantaloupe patches….next week these beauties will be in the shares…..

Maeve dong the daily check….
And the cantaloupe needed a few more days…

CSA #10


Head lettuce, leeks, red norland potatoes, zucchini, corn, cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.

Head Lettuce-A favorite here. Juicy mini heads. A variety called Newham.

Lettuce harvest at 1st morning light.

Leeks-These are an early summer variety.

Leeks just pulled and ready to be cleaned.
This batched cleaned outside at the compost pile ready to be washed.
…and these we cleaned inside as we had to delay our harvest due to a pop up shower and then it was dark outside. Scott pulled the last of them with a headlamp on…
Leeks washed and chilled and ready for the shares…

Potatoes-Red norland. These are a waxier variety and great fried or boiled. Delicious with the leeks pan fried or frittatas… They hold their shape well and do not break down. IF you want to make potato leek soup-hold those leeks until next week…..next week’s variety great for soup.

Potato harvest.
Great yield….

Zucchini-Patch 1 almost “retired”…#2 chugging along….daily harvests to keep them small and great texture. We add zucchini to EVERYTHING!. Maeve is the stirfry gal.

Corn!-More delicious sweet corn from Raupp Family Farm-Scott’s relatives grow amazing sweet corn and we are thankful they share the harvest with us. This corn is conventionally grown.

Cherry tomatoes-Several varieties and Maeve handles the washing and packaging all on her own. Great harvest this year. We have cherry tomatoes on the extra table too this week as the harvest was HUGE!

Maeve and the cherry tomatoes…

Slice tomatoes-A bounty! Such a great year.

We ran out of storage space…there are more tomatoes behind me too…

Peppers-Baby bells for all shares….and sweet mini picnic peppers in Full share only. And tons of hot peppers on the extra table this week.

Picnic peppers at harvest.

Cucumbers-this is the official end to the cucumbers. I picked what I could find and 2-3 in every share.

Cilantro-on the extra table. I planted flats of cilantro and will have it out with snippers for those that love it. Feel free to snip away….


Oddest Carrot award winner in the harvest.

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CSA #9 August 5th

The weeks rolled by and somehow we turned the calendar to August. The days are shorter and the light has changed to create deeper tones in the garden….We can feel the garden transitioning to late summer. The potato vines are dying back and the cucumber vines too are offering up their final cucumbers. The watermelon are just about ready and the tomato patch blazes red. We will start pulling the spaghetti squash next week and dig early leeks for the shares. I love this time of year even though it seems summer has zoomed right by….

A sure sign of seasons changing….I couldn’t help myself-picked the 1st pumpkin!

CSA #9

Full Share.
Snack Pack.

Head lettuce, chinese cabbage, garlic, fennel, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, slice tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, corn and sweet summer onions.

Head lettuce- We are loving the taste of this beautiful dark lettuce. Sweet flavor and a great crunch.

Lettuce harvest in the morning sun. Gorgeous.

Chinese Cabbage-Makes a fantastic slaw with blue cheese. This is a mid sized head variety and the last of the chinese cabbage for the season.

Field grown chinese cabbage. Perfectly sized.

Garlic-We have a great garlic crop this season. We save our garlic from year to year and use the biggest heads for seed the next season.

Scott the garic cleaner.

Fennel-Fennel is delicious in the chinese cabbage slaw. Grilled and charred has amazing flavor and we love LOVE! it in a cold beet salad. Enjoy!

Fennel harvest.
Washed, chilled and ready for the shares.

Beets!-We grew this variety-Zeppo in hoop 2.

Beets in hoop 2.

Cucumbers-This may be the end of cucumbers….The vines are slowing down.

Zucchini-Patch #1 is nearing the end of harvest and #2 planting is just picking up speed. We harvest zucchini every morning and it still amazes me how they grow so quickly in 1 day.

Tomatoes!-Here come the slicers. Heirlooms, paste and perfect burger red beauties. They will be out for members to pick their favorites.

Maeve harvesting tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes-A HUGE! harvest of these delicious gems. Great assortment of color, flavor and texture.

Maeve is in charge of cherry tomatoes. Washing.
And packing.

Corn-The corn is fantastic this year. A HUGE! thank you to Scott’s relatives-Raupp Family Farm for sharing their sweet corn with our CSA. We are grateful……This is conventionally grown sweet corn.

Taste test at harvest.
Perfect night for corn picking….
And for dinner too.

Sweet summer onions-More! of this delicious summer staple. Another great harvest this season for us.

Onions at harvest.


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