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Yet another great week for us…we had perfect rhythm to our days and powered through some really big jobs in hot hot weather.  Scott is spot on with “beautification” and the gardens look nice and tidy and our harvest schedule is set daily.  Life is good.


ALL Brussels Sprouts! Tidy nice wide rows.  

We had a fantastic baby cabbage harvest, cleaned up the area and the next morning it was replanted with Fall Cauliflower/Romanesco.  A huge transplanting of lettuce went in the hoop house again, we picked beans every other day and pulled the plants after the 4 picking and another rotation begins.  Final Fall seeds are being started in the greenhouse for transplant and cool radishes going in the ground for later harvest….

Watermelon is sizing up and spaghetti squash too.


Watermelon around the corner.

And the 1st slice tomato from the patch.


1st slice tomato….

Summer is truly here in all it’s glory.

SUMMER SHARE #6  775 pounds this week from the garden packed into the shares….



head lettuce, beets, sweet onions, assorted summer squash, long european cucumbers, cucumber mix, green beans, mini pointy cabbages, beta mix (baby swiss chard/beet tops), and cherry tomatoes



head lettuce, beets, sweet onions, assorted summer squash, long European cucumbers, cucumber mix, green beans, pointy baby cabbage, beta mix (baby swis chard/beet tops)

Head lettuce-Another beauty this week.  Variety is Lovelock and delicious.


Lovelock lettuce.

Beets-Scott and Maeve harvested the beets this week from our new beet trough Scott built this Spring.  Tops off-they are on the “extra table” if you would like some….



Beet harvest on a warm morning…

Sweet Onions-1st of the season and tons to come.  Fantastic crop for us this year.


Scott cutting the tops off the onions.


Onions ready to clean.

Summer Squash-A huge harvest this week and the patch is turning into a jungle.  New patch going in this week to extend the season….


Morning Summer Squash harvest.

Long European Slice Cucumbers-Our best ever season finally of this crop.  The trellised vines are loaded.


1/2 way down the row.  1 day I harvested 143 cucumbers…we are thrilled.

Cucumber Mix-A great mix in every share this week.  A cucumber bonanza is going on around here….

IMG_7934 (1)

Daily cucumber harvest.

Green Beans-The 4th and final picking off this row.  Next rotation starts in a week or so….


Green Beans in all their glory.

Mini Pointy cabbage-We love the small varieties…perfect.

IMG_7941 (1)

HUGE! afternoon cabbage harvest…..

IMG_7942 (1)

Mini pointy cabbage ready for the shares….

Beta Mix-Baby swiss chard and beet tops….saute or eat fresh.


Beta mix at harvest.


Beta Mix 3rd rinse.


Scott weighing out the Beta Mix.

Cherry Tomatoes-(Full Share only this week)-they are here!  Enjoy…a pint in every Full Share.


eggplant is here in abundance and all is on the extra table….same with collard greens a HUGE! basket full for those that love them….


Eggplant on the “extra table”.


BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-baby bibb head lettuce, napa cabbage, kale, cucumbers, summer squash, ???spaghetti squash, garlic, onions, cherry tomatoes a surprise and more…..

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Happy 4th of July!

We had the BEST week here in the gardens….the heat was rough but we have turned into complete harvest masters…..all day!  It’s amazing the bounty coming out of the fields every day.  We are blown away and keeping up.

Cucumbers were a shock!  And tons of the beauties were on the vines.  I thought they was a week out yet and now we start harvesting daily.


1st cucumbers out of this row.  You can’t see my face but I am saying to Scott “I can’t believe this!”  Almost disbelief.

The broccoli is great! And almost 200 pounds of it!  Phew.



The long bean row went into production with over 50 pounds on our 1st harvest.  Of course on a blazing hot day we crawled our way down the rows.  Thankfully Scott’s oldest daughter came to help.


Scott and daughter Amy bean picking down the row….


Zucchini are cut every morning and cut small and the last of the peas were harvested.  As time allows Scott is removing the trellis and we will convert this area over to Fall crops.  Hopefully next week.

It seems to be a bit of a scurry but we are happy and pleased with the quality and volume of produce coming from the garden.


We hit the 500 pound mark this week with share weight.



romaine lettuce, summer crisp lettuce, zucchini, european slice cucumbers, cucumber snacking mix, green beans, garlic, broccoli, red norland potatoes, parsley, sugar snap peas



romaine lettuce, zucchini, european slice cucumber, cucumber mix, sugar snap peas, green beans, garlic, broccoli, red norland potatoes, parsley, shelling peas

Romaine Lettuce-All Shares-Thick flavorful upright leaves.  A great harvest from the hoop house.


Romaine at harvest.

Summer Crisp Lettuce-Full Only-A variety called Muir.


Sweet Muir Lettuce.  Perfect.

Zucchini-A bounty harvest this week in the heat.  We grow several variety of summer squash and an assortment in every share for many weeks to come.


European Slice cucumbers-Bumper harvest this week too!  Picked daily to ensure they are thin and not seedy.



Morning cucumber harvest.

Cucumber Mix-Several varieties planted including the favorite salt and peppers…..Many week’s to come on this summer staple.


Portioning out the cucumbers for this week’s share.

Beans-Delicious green beans…1st pick of many.


WOW! 1st picking.

Garlic-We dug some early bird garlic to enjoy with the potato surprise this week.


Scott sizing out the garlic.

Broccoli-Another round!  We cannot believe it is so soon after the 1st rotation.  Absolutely delicious.


Coming in from the field.


Soaked and ready for the shares.

Red Norland Potatoes-Surprise!!!  We wanted to hit 4th of July week for the 1st harvest and we did.


Just dug red norland potatoes.


Washed potatoes and weighing them out for the shares.

Parsley-We had to do it!  Parsley and buttered potatoes…YUM!

Sugar Snap Peas-A few for everyone.  This is the end of the peas for the season.


Maeve helping with the last pea harvest.


Sugar Snap Mustache.

Shelling Peas-Snack Only-The end of these too for the season.


Last shelling peas of the season….

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-collard greens (for sure!-we keep holding back as the shares get too big with all the bounty….), beets, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, and more…..


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