A perfect week.  The heat broke and we loved it.  This is the time of year where we play beat the clock.  It is time and time now to get the last of many crops in IF we are going to be able to harvest at maturity before frost and diminished day length.  So, a bit of scurrying and all is good.  A few “hail Mary” crops like 1 more rotation of beans…we had the space so let’s see if they make it-an end of season treat.

We love that tomato harvest has begun….the plants are loaded and slicers just starting to color up.  Looks like it is going to be a bountiful year.


Cherry tomatoes on the vine.



Plants are loaded with cherry tomatoes…

And potato harvesting has begun.  We are very pleased with the yield.  We will be eating a lot of potatoes.


Scott and Maeve harvesting potatoes.


Just dug.


Field taste test.


Look at those beauties.



lettuce, parsley, red norland potatoes, cucumber mix, european slice cucumbers, dill, summer squash, pepper, onion, purple bean, cherry tomatoes, beta mix (baby swiss chard and beet tops)

Lettuce-Another week of great summer crisp head lettuce from the hoop house.  We are grateful as it is difficult to grow lettuce in a humid heat wave.  Heavy shade cloth, good circulation and light watering several times a day did the trick.

Red Norland Potatoes-Nothing better than just dug potatoes after a long winter of eating stored potatoes.  Enjoy and lots more to come.


Scott weighing out potatoes for the share.

Parsley-Of Course we had to have parsley for the potatoes!  Flat leaf Italian.


Parsley Harvest in the morning.

Cucumber mix AND European Slice cucumbers-  A bag of mixed munchers and another bag of skinny slicers.  Great cucumber harvest this week…and tons! on the extra table too.


We pick cucumbers every day…and it blows me away what we harvest.  How do they grow that much over night?!

Dill-Another of course we had to pack dill this week for the cucumbers….


Dill with morning dew at harvest.

Summer Squash-The bounty continues.  We love the solid yellow ones best-A new variety for us this year.


Summer Squash daily picks…always over 40-and yesterday 97!

Peppers-The big surprise of the week.  They sure loved the heat last week.


1st pepper harvest.

Sweet Summer Onion-1st pick of the season-more to come.  SWEET!


Scott pulling onions.


And in his “office” cleaning. them.

Purple beans-A HUGE bounty and enjoy them alllllllllll!  We are blown away with the harvest.

Cherry tomatoes-Thrilled that we were able to harvest enough for all shares this week.



Beta Mix-2nd cutting off my favorite leafy green we grow.  We saute it with garlic and onions and eat as a side dish or fantastic as a fresh salad too.


Morning Beta mix harvest.

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-Cherry tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, chinese cabbage, leaf lettuce, cucumbers, summer squash and more….









A much needed soaking rain last night and this morning.  Just under an inch.  We have been running irrigation day and night in the gardens the past week to keep up with the high heat and wind.  The plants are loving this weather-we are wilting a bit but chugging on.  Our days start extra early and a break mid day and then back out until dark.  A good routine to try and stay out of the worst of the heat.  Beans, cucumbers and summer squash have to be picked daily.  We transplanted out more broccoli and chinese cabbage and seeded in lettuce rotations and started Fall Spinach.  Beets were thinned and the carrots too.  We are staying on top of things so far.  The key to it all is just let the garden carry you and float through the day of work.  We are happy and just thrilled with the gardens this year.  Potato digging next week and giant sweet summer onions will come out of the ground.  Baby watermelon are forming and the cherry tomatoes are really starting to color up.



What is in your share.  418 pound of amazing produce going home with members this week.  A bounty.




IMG_2463 (1)

head lettuce, pointy mini cabbage, green beans, cucumber mix, english slicing cucumber, summer squash mix, pink celery, garlic, mini kale mix, pac choi and pepper (full only)

Head lettuce-A fantastic lettuce harvest this week in the early morning light.  Tricky to grow flavorful lettuce in high heat.  We did it and it is a great summer crisp.



This week’s lettuce harvest chilling in the dunk tank.

Pointy cabbage-We love growing mini heads.  Perfect size for the CSA.  Maeve helped with the harvest and we blasted through the job.


Morning cabbage harvest.

Green beans-We picked every day!  Over night they would double in size.  We were amazed but zipped down the rows.


Scott weighing out the beans.

Cucumber mix-An assortment of the varieties we grew in every share-including the favorite salt and pepper.


Salt and pepper cucumbers at harvest.


European slice cucumber-1st big pick.  1 for everyone.

Mix Summer Squash-A bounty harvest this week.  EVERY morning we made the rounds and 40+ were cut.  AND our second patch is starting to produce too!


Summer Squash ready to pack in shares.

PINK Celery-We wanted to try this just for fun.  It is beautiful and the flavor strong.  Great in cucumber dishes, soups and added to salads.


Pink Celery at harvest.


Triple rinse before bundling.

Garlic-Just dug fresh garlic!  A treat.


Garlic sorting.

Mini Kale Mix-  Snipped from the hoop house.  makes a great salad or saute side.


Triple rinsed and ready to be packaged off for the shares.

Pac choi-I am on a huge pac choi kick.  I LOVE it.  Raw my favorite in fresh salads for a juicy crunch but saute with garlic or scapes and it is a treat.


Mini green pac choi at harvest.


Mini Green Summer Pac choi.

Peppers-(Full only) just picked this morning.  A bit of a surprise.  A sweet pepper.


Picked in the rain this morning.

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-Potatoes!, onions, parsley, cucumbers, dill, summer squash purple beans and more….

A near perfect work week in the gardens.  Best news is our gamble paid off in the pea/summer squash area.  We had to do a bit of dancing around for 2 days but within hours of the last shelling peas picked the vines were down and trellises out.  We made it and it is a relief.  Now wide open spaces just like we like it.


Last pea picking….It’s tight!


Hauling the pea vines out.


Wide open spaces.

We would like to congratulate all CSA members for eating more peas than previously thought humanly possible last week.  Our best pea harvest EVER!  Well over 200 pounds of sugar snap peas came out of the patch last week and 130 pounds shellers.  Amazing!

We spent the week weeding and harvesting.  Daily cucumber and zucchini picks are a “must do”.  400 kohlrabi went out, and 300 broccoli too.  And this is the detail that made the week only near perfect….we have a nibbler that is fond of broccoli.  An evening visitor that likes a midnight snack.  We have lost a bit of broccoli BUT good news is we have extra to replace.  So no real problem just time.

The tomatoes have grown to the tops of the trellises and look fantastic.  Plants are loaded and cherry tomatoes around the corner.


Scott tying up the tomatoes…

We checked on the potatoes…nice sized ping pong balls-a few weeks out.  Onions are sizing up and we had our first bean picking yesterday.  The bounty of summer has begun.


WHAT IS IN YOUR SHARE-head lettuce, fennel, mini cabbage head, broccoli, cucumbers!, zucchini, shell peas (snack only), sugar snap peas (tiny bag), garlic scapes, bunching onions, beta mix (mini swiss chard/beet tops), green beans (full only)


Full Share


Snack Pack

Head lettuce-A delicious summer crunch.  Great flavor and a great harvest from the hoop house.


Fennel-We love a fennel coleslaw.  Also grilled is delicious, and sliced thin it is a nice addition to a fresh salad.


Fennel at harvest.


Great Fennel harvest this rotation.


Scott hanging out at the compost pile trimming the tops off the fennel.


Ready for washing.

Mini Cabbage-The perfect size for the CSA.  It is crisp and flavorful.


Mini cabbage at harvest.


Beauties in the sun.

Broccoli-More of the great broccoli harvest this week.  We are thrilled!


Broccoli with morning dew.

Cucumbers-They are here!  We planted 9 different varieties including our favorite salt and peppers.  A mix will appear every week in all shares for many weeks to come.



Zucchini-Huge harvest from the summer squash patch this week.  The plants are jumping into action with all this heat.


Sunshine at morning harvest.

Shelling Peas-(snack pack only)-Shell and eat the peas inside.  Delicious raw with salads or lightly steamed they are a treat.

Garlic Scapes-These are the last of the scapes.  Tastes just like garlic.


The last of the scapes and garlic harvest begins next week.

Bunching onions-These are a stronger flavored onion and just the right size to add a little zing to your meals.


We harvested white and these purple beauties to go in the shares this week.

Beta Mix-This is my favorite green mix.  Love it fresh or sauteed.  And so pretty on the plate.


Beta mix harvest in the early morning sun….note the loooooooooong rows of Fall carrots behind the tub. They are different colored carrots!

Green Beans-(full share only)-1st pick was yesterday.  The bushes are just starting to produce and we have 3 rotations of beans in the field.  It’s going to be a great bean year.


Green beans at harvest.

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-Summer Squash, cucumbers, lettuce, fresh garlic, pointy cabbage, pink! celery and more….

The only way to say it…It has been an amazing week in the gardens! Yes, HOT!  but the plants are loving it and growing like crazy.  We are in the thick of our best pea crop (over 100 pounds in 3 days) ever I think.  Summer Squash vines are creeping closer with our big great idea to plant the summer squash in between the pea row experiment. Plenty of time we thought waaaaaaay back then.  Well, we are sweating it out now but think we will make it.  Tight but tight is ok.


Best broccoli harvest too.  Abundance.  Tomatoes are forming, potatoes are flowering and beans too-finally after a late start due to cool Spring.  Brussel Sprout Paradise is thriving.  We decided to go all out with these beauties.  Oh, we nibbled on our first cucumber yesterday.  Summer is rushing in….


Brussels Sprout Paradise.



!st Cucumber of the season.

If we were not picking peas this week we were weeding.  Beds are perfect but row cultivation has to wait due to wet conditions…


Weeded out carrot trough.

Kohlrabi was transplanted out into the garden this week and more beets and carrots seeded in.  We are starting to think about Fall crops already…Crazy!







414 pounds of garden abundance!

Broccoli, head lettuce, snow peas (snack only), carrots, swiss chard, chinese cabbage, zucchini, turnips (full only), shelling peas (full only).

Broccoli-Huge broccoli harvest.  Great head size.  This is our favorite variety to grow.  Small bead in formation and delicious.




Early morning harvest before the heat sets in….

Head Lettuce- We harvested 4 varieties this week.  1 head in every Snack and 3 mini heads in Full.





Snow peas-(Snack only)-Thick long fat pods. Delicious raw in salad or lightly steamed.

Sugar Snap Peas-HUGE! harvest!  Enjoy.  Snap the top off pull the thread and eat-pod and all.  We harvested 3 different varieties this week.  Each a little different.


Sugar Snap peas ready to go home with members.

Carrots-1st carrot harvest is always the best.  Roasted or fresh nothing better.




Swiss Chard-Beautiful.  Delicious with eggs.


IMG_2129 (1)

Swiss Chard chilling in the dunk tank.

Chinese Cabbage-Great harvest.  We planted 2 sizes a medium and mini.  We saute or eat raw in salads.


Chinese Cabbage ready to cut.


Chinese Cabbage at harvest.

We had a HUGE Chinese Cabbage head grow in the garden.  Maybe a larger variety seed was mixed in or maybe water???  Who knows but he is gigantic.  We are sneaking it into a share as a surprise.  Farmer humor.


Twice the size of a normal guy.

Zucchini-Here we go…..officially summer.


Shelling Peas-(Full Only)-1st harvest of these sweet shellers.  2 varieties.


1st shellers of the season.

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-fennel, mini head cabbage, lettuce, peas, cucumbers??? and more….



Life in the garden is rolling along.  The plants seem to double in size overnight in this heat and the cucumber vines crawl up the trellis.  Tomatoes are setting fruit and the 1st rotation of cabbage just about ready to harvest.  It’s pretty cool!  Our week was spent seeding in more carrots and beets for late season harvest.  The second “season extender” zucchini patch went in, another rotation of green beans and another of edamame too.  We transplanted out 300 broccoli starts, and a couple hundred cabbage too.  We are weeding maniacs and so far seem to be on top of things.  It looks snazzy and no wading through calf high weeds in our walkways this year.

Pea harvest has just begun.  We had our 1st pick last night.  1 variety of 4 and next’s week harvest is going to be huge…We are thrilled!  Best pea crop we have had in years…..2 varieties tower over our heads on the trellis and all varieties are loaded with peas.

Scott doing a quick taste test.

Fantastic sugar snaps…

This is how we will spend our week…..staring at the pea vines.

Here is our big experiment this year. We planted all the spaghetti squash and summer squash in between the pea rows. We are banking on the peas being done and the trellis out of there before the squash gets too big. Yikes! It’s going to be close-real close! I’ll keep you posted.


The hoop house is transitioned to our “leafy green” house for the summer except for carrots where the turnips come out…

The lettuce house.

We’ve settled into a nice routine.  The garden is FULL! and hoop house too.  Our days will shift to harvest and maintenance.





I forgot to document weight the past 2 weeks in the blog.  That is always fun! This week 261 pounds of garden goodness went home with CSA members.




What is in your share….head lettuce, pac choi, kohlrabi, turnip, garlic scapes, sugar snap peas (snack only), baby beets (full only), zucchini (full only), and snow peas (full only).

Head lettuce-snack 1 snappy summer crisp and full 1 summer crisp and 1 fluffy bi color.


Triple rinsed and ready to bag.


Pac choi-I LOVE pac choi and eat it almost every day.  It is so juicy and flavorful.  It is a favorite.  Fresh in salad, saute, or in broth all delicious.

Pac choi at harvest.

Morning dew on the Pac choi.

Kohlrabi-We had a great harvest of kohlrabi this week-green and pretty white.

Kohlrabi chilling in the dunk tank.


Salad Turnip-Surprise!  We thought we would give it a shot and it worked.  A great harvest of these gems from the hoop house.

Morning salad turnip harvest.

Garlic Scape-Always a fun crop.  Use as you would garlic.  Great mild garlic flavor.


Sugar Snap Peas (snack  only)-1st pick of the season and a 1/2 pound in every snack pack share.

Bumper crop Pea year for us…get ready for next week.


Baby beets (full only)-A small harvest of an experimental mini beet crop…Sweet little gems.

Garden gumballs!

Zucchini-(full only) The very 1st pick of the season of these garden staples.  4 varieties were planted this year.  We harvest daily so they are small and tender.

Summer Squash bloom.


Summer Squash season has begun.

Snow Peas (full only)-1st picking of these beauties as well.  Delicious fresh or in the summer stir fry.

Snow peas at harvest.


BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-Tons of peas, TONS!, beautiful broccoli, head lettuce, swiss chard, chinese cabbage, zucchini, and more!

Remember next week’s pick up is Wednesday!

Happy Summer!  A fantastic week in the gardens.  Amazing how all the crops in the ground have taken off….


Tomato plants have doubled in size!

The watermelon crop is in!  180 plants.  An early morning duty.  We always wait a bit in transplanting this crop and grow the plants nice and big for time of transplant.  Works well for us and the plants seem to thrive in the warmer temperatures.  6 different varieties went in the ground.


Watermelon transplanting in the morning sun.

We seeded in more carrots, lots of beets, and long rows of beans again.  Another rotation of cucumbers at the trellis and we weeded all the onions.  Fall rotations of broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage were seeded in the green house for transplant too.

We LOVED!!! this week….

We are hopeful Peas next week….a little bit of sunshine and we will have a bounty.




Full Share #2


Snack Pack #2

Basil Plant (1 snack/2 Full), sweet leaf lettuce, mesclun mix, broccoli, bunching onions, tokyo bekina (fluffy chinese cabbage), kohlrabi, mint (full only)

Basil Plant- We started several different varieties for members to select a favorite to take home.

Leaf lettuce-Sweet juicy tissue paper thin harvest.  Nothing better than early season leaf lettuce.  All triple rinsed. This crop will return in Fall.


Leaf lettuce at harvest.

Mesclun Mix- A fun leafy mix of a few spicy asian greens with kale and leaf lettuce to round it out.  A favorite mix.


Dew kissed Mesclun mix in the morning.

Head Lettuce- A snappy head of Summer Crisp.  Sturdy leaves great on burgers and sandwiches.


Head lettuce at harvest.

Broccoli-This is the start of the broccoli bonanza.  An early variety called Blue Wind.  Smaller head size.  3 rotations are in the garden now of broccoli.  Hopefully a summer of broccoli for all of us….


Morning Broccoli Harvest.

Bunching onions-1st of the onions. We plant these in the hoop house for an early harvest.


Bunching onions planted against the side wall in the hoop house with tokyo bekina in front.

Tokyo Bekina-This is 1 of my favorite hoop house crops.  Great cabbage flavor, great texture, and so pretty.


Tokyo Bekina shining in the sun!

Kohlrabi-1st early harvest of these crunchy gems…we are going to be kohlrabi maniacs this year. MORE! to come….white, purple and those jumbo guys in Fall.


Kohlrabi floating in the dunk tank.

Mint (Full Share Only)- Add to your summer beverages, step in the evening for a hot tea, add to a fruit salad.  Mint shouts summertime.


Mint crop ready to harvest.


Peas!!!???, swiss chard, garlic scapes, head lettuce, kohlrabi, pac choi and more…


The gardens look fantastic after a slow cold Spring start.  We are thrilled!  We hustled between the raindrops and planted and planted and planted and planted.  A few long days but everything is in and thriving.


All the tomatoes settled in.


Potato planting out at Uncle Jim’s again this year.


Hands after planting 520 pounds manually.

Our crops look strong. Pea plants flowering and itty bitty peas forming…not too long of a wait for these beauties.IMG_1763.jpg

I saw garlic scapes forming today and the cabbage is heading up too.  Summer is on it’s way.  We are excited for the 2019 Season!

1st Summer CSA Share….

All produce is washed and portioned out prior to pick up time.  All Shares are packed and ready for pick up in our walk in cooler at designated pick up time.  Members names are on a list attached to cooler door.  Names are crossed of when share picked up.

Any packaging material can be returned for reuse or recycle.

Please return your tote for reuse the following week for reuse.

ALL Full Shares packed in orange totes.


ALL Snack Pack Shares packed in Green totes.



Outdoor Spring Spinach, Radish medley, Sunflower shoots, Turnips, Baby kale, Head lettuce-(2 snack/3 full), Pac choi, Mini Green Pac choi (Full only), leaf lettuce….


Full Share


Snack Pack

Outdoor Spring Spinach-We picked the last of our early outdoor Spring Spinach.  It is delicious lightly steamed or saute.  The crop was pulled and the area transitioned to carrots.




Radish Medley-Tons!! of crunchy radishes.  Big bags in the Snack Packs and even bigger in Full Share.  A great harvest.  Long storage life in fridge.


Look Like candy in the sun….


Garden Gumdrops….


Maeve weighing out the radishes.

Sunflower Shoots-A fun “nutty” flavored treat.  Place on a sunny windowsill-snip for garnish, add to salads or soup.


Turnips-Those amazing Spring Turnips!  We saved a few from our last harvest to include in the 1st share.  Enjoy!  More to come in the future.


Turnips at harvest.

Baby Kale-A baby kale mix.  Fresh eating or saute-delicious.  Or great for juicing.  We LOVE chomping on the thin stems. Super sweet.


Baby Kale at early morning harvest.

Head Lettuce-  Lettuce overload!  3 great head lettuce varieties decided to be ready for harvest this week and a sweet leaf lettuce too.  Grab your salad forks and enjoy it all.  Unique flavor in all varieties.  2 heads snack 3 heads full.


Leaf Lettuce…a bumper crop harvest.  A sweet leaf assortment.


Leaf lettuce crop in hoop house…

Pac choi-Juicy stems and leaves are a great addition to fresh salads…or a quick stir fry.


Pac Choi washed and ready to be bagged for this week’s shares.

Mini Green Pac Choi- Full only…3 cute little mini choi in each full share.  Great flavor.

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-broccoli (tons of broccoli!), head lettuce, leaf lettuce, bunching onions, tokyo bekina, pac choi, basil plant and more….