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Autumn Bounty from the gardens.  A wonderful week of finishing up our potato harvest with the last crop of fingerlings out of the ground.


Last potato variety out of the ground.  Fingerlings!  Beautiful.  These gems will be in future CSA shares.

We are thrilled with our potato harvest this year.  All varieties except 1 exceeded our expectations.  The red norland harvest was amazing.  We hand dug a few extra early to kick off the season and then when they sized up used the potato digger.  A bounty.  And our test run of 20 pounds of seed potatoes of those sweet little mini “marbles” were a favorite.

Our 1st rotation of edamame is in the share this week.  Huge yield.  In years past we had groundhog issues early in the seasons.  These furry “friends” thought we planted the crop for their dinner and often times chomped down 1/2 the row.  Not this year.  We were proactive and fenced off early.    It took us a full day to pull the pods from the stems and we had help from our friend Barbara to get the job done.  Over 100 pounds and the 2nd rotation ready too.  Best ever.


Edamame harvest begins….


1st load up to the garage for cleaning.

We transplanted out more winter over spinach in the hoop house and late season lettuce too.  We have a bit more spinach to get in the ground but wait for space to free up.  Final tomatoes were picked This has been our longest harvest of tomatoes in many years.  We are grateful for such a bounty.

Our focus transitions to getting the winter squash, pumpkins and Fall ornamental out of the field and curing.  As the vines die back we see tons!  I told Scott we need tee shirts made that say “holy butternut!”.  4 different varieties went in from mini to jumbo and as far as the eye can see it it butternut heaven out there.  We are thankful to Scott’s relatives the Raupp Family for the space and help in allowing us to have the winter squash runway on their beautiful family farm.  This bounty is all because of them.  I cannot say enough.  Winter Squash and ornamentals are my #1 favorite and make me so happy.


Happiness-pie pumpkins from the field.

We roasted 1 of those pie pumpkins as a taste test. We strained it off and I made a savory pumpkin curry soup for dinner to kick off the season.  Delicious!  Next up pumpkin biscuits.

6 shares to go…October 24th Final share of the season.

SUMMER SHARE #14  1102 pounds of garden delights today.


Full Share


Snack Pack

WHAT IS IN YOUR SHARE-Pac choi, romaine head lettuce, 1 slice tomato, acorn squash, pie pumpkin, Italian fry pepper, baby bell peppers, kohlrabi, radishes, edamame, storage onion, garlic, broccoli (full only)

Pac choi-Yes I am still on my “I LOVE” pac choi kick”….Nothing better! It is Maeve’s go to snack raw, we add it to salads for crunch, saute in stir fry and great in broth.  Enjoy!


Pac choi crop in the hoop house ready to harvest.


What a beauty!


Soaking in the dunk tank.

Romaine head lettuce-Sweet crunchy  leaves.  Great flavor and texture…and did you know you can grill it?


Romaine at harvest.

Tomato-1 for everyone and this ends our slice tomato season.  Best run in many years.  Great yield this season.


Last harvest from the tomato patch.


Acorn Squash-1st squash out of the patch.  Enjoy the 1st taste of autumn.


Washed acorn squash ready for the shares.

Pie Pumpkin-Great flavor and smooth texture.  Roast and add to tomato sauce, chili, soups, and bakery.


Maeve bringing the pie pumpkins from the field.

Italian Fry Pepper-So pretty and so sweet.


Look like candy.

Baby Bells-Another huge baby bell peppers harvest.  We are shocked at the number of peppers these plants have produced.  Perfect for snacking or added to salads or soups.

Kohlrabi-last kohlrabi harvest of the season. A CSA favorite.


Scott harvesting the kohlrabi.

Radish-1st autumn harvest of these snappy treats.


Morning radish harvest.

Edamame-LOVE! this as a snack….boil 3 minutes in salty water and enjoy the bean hot or cold.


Edamame cleaning the pods from the stalks.


107 pounds!

IMG_3558 (1)

Edamame ready for the shares.

Onion-1st storage onions of the season

Garlic-1 head in snack pack 2 in full.  Hard to believe it is almost time to replant.

Broccoli-(full only) side shoots from the powerhouse plants.


Broccoli side shoots.  Yum!





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CSA #13 September 5th


And autumn arrives in all her glory….We plant gigantic sunflowers throughout the garden late in the season to shine bright and happily greet us as we work harvesting and cleaning up the gardens.  I LOVE! this time of year….the colors are bold and we get to wear long sleeves in the morning sun.  The shade cloth will come off the hoop house this week and another big rotation of spinach is going in.  Our final potato crop-fingerlings are coming out tomorrow and the sweet potato crop looks strong.   The winter squash looks amazing-and bountiful thanks to Cousin John….Joyful is all I can say as we transition to another season.


Happy Back to school to all the kids in our CSA family.  It is going to be a great year!  I know it….

Maeve 1st day of 5th grade.

CSA #13


530 pounds!  head lettuce, baby arugula, leeks, broccoli, oneida potatoes, no spray pears, fennel, cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes, mini sweet peppers (snack only), Italian Fry peppers, pizza and mini bell peppers (full only), mix baby asian greens (full only).



Full Share

Snack Pack

Head lettuce-big fluffy sweet heads of summer crunch.

Lettuce at morning harvest.

Baby arugula!!-A favorite-snappy.

Arugula at harvest….

Making my way down the row of arugula.

Washed and weighed arugula. Last crop of the CSA share to be portioned off…

Pears-Had to add these in to go with the arugula…We pick them slightly under ripe so let them sit on the counter a few days…We are pleased we did get pears off 3 of our 6 trees this year after the deep freeze of winter.

Pears ready to pick.

Maeve with her pear harvest.

Leeks-We had a great harvest of 2 varieties.  King Richard (lighter green foliage) and Lexington (dark bluish foliage).

Scott hand forking the leeks.

Jennifer “field dressing” the leeks.

A rinse in the dunk tank.

Grading the leeks by size to be bundled for the shares.

Potatoes-Oneida is the variety this week.  Great all purpose potato.  bake, boil, mash or fry.  Perfect for leek soup.

Broccoli-A late season harvest off a small to mid-sized broccoli.  Sweet heads.

Fennel-Delicious grilled or shaved in to salad…we love it with beets if you have any left from last week.

Fennel at harvest.


Cherry Tomatoes-The cherry tomato plants are HUGE! and loaded with cherries…we have actually started to cut back on our harvesting as we suspect that we all are getting cherry tomatoed out by now…the lovely “blueberry” variety is just coming in to high swing and so pretty.

Look at the flower/star on top.

Slice tomato-I think this is it for our tomato season…longest run in many years.  We are pleased with the harvest this season but can see a bit of blight creeping in.

Mini Peppers (snack pack only)-a fun variety called lunch box.  Snappy and sweet and just the right size.

Dividing up the mini lunch box peppers for the snack pack members.

Italian Fry Pepper-1 in every share. Red orange yellow or green were harvest this week.  Sweet.

Not all were this big! But what a beauty.

Pizza Pepper-(full only) A favorite of mine….thick walled very sweet and perfect as a pizza topping.

Baby Bell Peppers-(full only)-cute little guys perfectly sized to toss in a salad or accent a stirfry.

Asian greens mix-(full share only) LOVE this mix lightly wilted with garlic.  Also pretty snappy as a fresh salad.

Asian greens at harvest.


Edamame plants are LOADED!!!! Get ready. 2 huge rotations so we will be enjoying this treat for a few weeks. VERY excited….

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CSA Share #12 August 29th

Transitioning to Autumn in the garden is always fun.  Daily routines ease a bit and the pressure to get the final plantings in the ground is over.  Scott was able to tend to a bit of our shagginess angst around the edges and we sure feel better about that.  A huge carrot crop came out of the hoop house this week and we quickly prepped the soil and transplanted early Fall spinach. This carrot crop we are holding for later shares.

Ready to harvest the carrot crop.

Maeve did the official taste test and we were ready to roll.



Carrots after we cut the tops off before washing.

600 spinach starts all settled in.

Final lettuce rotations were seeded into cells in the greenhouse.  Peppers are in full swing and so pretty-always fun to harvest the colorful beauty.

Love the color.


more color…

and more…

Slice Tomatoes are nearing the end but the cherry tomatoes are chugging along….


We will start with garden clean up this week-summer squash is ready to be pulled out along with the cucumber vines, spaghetti squash and watermelon.  And a surprise…another hoop house is going up!


Full Share.

Snack Pack.


beets!, dark romaine lettuce, kohlrabi, backyard honey!!!, cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes, mini green bells, Italian Fry Peppers, Mini Chinese cabbage, green beans (full only)

Beets-Finally!  We stink at growing beets.  No sure why….we try but they take forever and tend to not size up.  So we are thrilled with this harvest and hopefully  another harvest to come…

Beets at harvest.

Beets washed and air drying before we weigh out for shares.

Dark romaine head lettuce-Mini romaine heads.  Beautiful dark color.

hoop house dark romaine at harvest.


Kohlrabi-Nice big crunchy heads.  A garden favorite.

Kohlrabi at harvest.


All perfect.

Backyard Honey-Sweet and a bit of citrus taste to it too.  This is early season honey.  Lighter in color.  We were so happy to have a great yield after a few ho hum years.

Snack pack honey.

Full Share honey.

Cherry Tomatoes-Tons are still being harvested and we are amazed with the volume.  More even on the extra table too.

washed and ready for shares….

Slice tomatoes-Vines are slowing down….maybe 1 more week.

Slice tomatoes out for customers to choose their favorites.

Baby Bells-Mini Green bell peppers-great for stuffing or snacks.

Italian Fry Peppers-Our favorite and so sweet.


Italian Fry Peppers. We grew 3 colors…red orange and yellow.


HUGE! Italian Fry Peppers.

Goddess Banana Peppers-Skinny yellow beauties with a streak of purple.  Tiny tiny bit of heat.  Thin skinned.

Mini Chinese Cabbage-Our favorite sized chinese cabbage.  Add to salad to add crunch or make a quick slaw.  Great flavor.

Green Beans (full share only)….final picking off this rotations…hopefully 1 more to go.

Afternoon bean picking…


We love this season.



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CSA Share #11 August 22nd

We are on a roll for sure!  Huge harvests are coming out of the gardens and sometimes the volume of it all gets a little overwhelming for us….But it sure is amazing and we are thrilled with the the bounty….just where to put it?!

We harvested all the Superior potatoes this week. They are perfect and a nice big bag in every share.


Superior potatoes at harvest.



Scott and Maeve at the end of late afternoon harvest.  We are grateful for Scott’s relatives (Raupp Family) allowing us to plant potatoes at their beautiful farm.

We had another huge tomato harvest again this week and Cherry tomatoes are insane!  Scott said this morning that it is the best tomato crop in years and I agree.


Tomatoes out for the CSA pick up today.

All the storage onions are out and curing-shallots too.  Edamame is sizing up nicely and we have beets for next week!

We did experience “crop failure” in the watermelon patch.  After a heavy rain the vines collapsed.  Something brought in with the rain…???  A sad crop to lose but we do not feel the melons are “shareworthy” and we cannot be sure of the ripeness.  We took a family vote of no confidence and the melons we do have are in the extra area this week….

Sweet potato crop looks strong and so do all the winter squash.  We will start harvesting the early leeks next week and colored carrots are around the corner.


WHAT IS IN YOUR SHARE-romaine head lettuce, spaghetti squash, cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, green beans, bell peppers, italian fry peppers, mini sweet peppers-lunch box (full only), broccoli, superior potatoes  935 pounds…



Full Share


Snack Pack

Romaine Head Lettuce-A great harvest of dark green romaine from the hoop house.


Romaine at harvest.

Spaghetti Squash-We grew 2 varieties…big for full share mini for snack pack.


Spaghetti Squash chilling in the shade after harvest.

Cherry Tomatoes-The bounty continues….!  Sweet treats for all.

Slice tomatoes-We are so happy with the harvest this week-great heirlooms and perfect red beauties for burgers and BLT’s..

Cabbages-A midsize “mini” head.  Perfect for a side dish or in a stir fry.  We love all the mini varieties.

Carrots-Another round of these perfect summer carrots.  Great flavor.


Maeve packaged all the carrots for all the shares this week.  She rocked it!

Green beans-Maybe the last picking of this rotation.  1 more in the field.  Picked small and tender.

Italian Fry Pepper and green bell peppers-Pepper plants are loaded…here we go.


Green bells and a yellow italian fry pepper.

Mini Sweet Peppers-1st picking of this favorite treat.  Full only this week.


Mini sweet peppers for full share….

Broccoli-Final harvest off this rotation.


This week’s broccoli-washed and ready for the shares.

Superior Potatoes-Enjoy this amazing flaky  potato.  Best mashed or baked ever!


Superior Potato.  





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CSA Summer Share #10 August 15th

Another fast week of amazing harvest…and still shaggy around the edges!  Priorities….HUGE! harvest loads take time and we are thrilled with the yields.  No disappointments here.  We are focusing on potato digging and loved the variety this week.  Upstate Abundance is a new favorite I think.


Hand dug potatoes this week.  A great yield.  This variety is new to us.  Upstate Abundance. We tested 20 pounds and love them.

The watermelon harvest was a surprise as we thought a week or 2 out.  More in the field so more to come.


Maeve selfie in watermelon patch…

Slice tomatoes are hitting now and we are happy with our supply.  We harvest every other day.  Hopefully a few more weeks to come.


Tomato in the sun.

Storage onions need to come out and another rotations of sunflowers are coloring up.  Next week’s “to do list”.


WHAT IS IN YOUR SHARE-dark romaine head lettuce, mini bibb (full only), potatoes, sunflower bouquets, onions, summer squash, Slice tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Italian fry peppers, kohlrabi, green beans, pac choi and watermelon and basil.


Full Share


Snack Pack

Romaine-Beautiful!!  Juicy dark heads.


Romaine at harvest.

Mini Bibb lettuce (full share only)


Mini Bibb ready to harvest.

Potatoes-We love these little gems!  Great boiled and/or mashed.


Maeve with the potato harvest this week.


And she weighed out all the shares too!  A great help.

Sunflower bouquets-Happy Bouquets to celebrate late summer.


Daily morning sunflower pick.

IMG_2967 (1)

And bouquets ready for the shares….

Onions-Sweets and Cippolini in every share.  This may be the end of sweet onions…storage onions on the way.


Summer squash-Maybe the end of summer squash…maybe.  1st patch is done and second slowing down already.  We will see….it has been a good run.

Slice tomatoes-Maeve and I picked every other day and there is a great selection this week.



Cherry Tomatoes!-A great assortment this week.  Tons!

Broccoli-This crop snuck up on us this week.  More next week too.


Broccoli Harvester in action.

Italian Fry Peppers-This is the start of the harvest.  We thin the plants out when still green as they are loaded.  Our favorite pepper.

Kohlrabi-Yippee!  Another rotation.


Field cleaning the Kohlrabi.


Kohlrabi in the dunk tank.

Green Beans-Great yield from a new variety to us.  Perfect!

Pac choi-Yes I am on a pac choi kick….LOVE!!!! it stir fried and also in salads raw.  Best harvest tis season.


Pac choi in the morning.

Watermelon-The start of the harvest.  More varieties in the field too.


taste test….


and here we go….1st load.


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CSA Summer Share #9 August 8th

Another powerhouse week!  This season is blowing us away with the abundance coming from the gardens. We are more blown away that we are on top of garden duties.  So good.  Slice tomatoes are hitting their stride.  A good start to “tomato time” after a few ho hum seasons of the past.  Cherry tomato vines have topped the trellis and dancing high above.  It will soon be a jungle of colorful tomatoes.  We have had perfect soaking rains and no severe weather damage.  Fall crops are coming on strong our 3rd rotation of broccoli is heading up, another harvest of kohlrabi next week and we will pull storage onions next week too.  We harvested a great bounty of spaghetti squash and it is curing in the shed for next week (and future) shares.


Spaghetti Squash harvest from the garden.

The last of the red norland potatoes have been harvested.  A fantastic yield of perfect gems.


Last of the red norland crop.

We started in on the next variety as the vines are declining and did a test dig on all varieties in the ground.  All looks great except a new variety to us this year that we wanted to trail.  WELL, disappointment-very scabby skin BUT delicious flavor and texture.  When we were picking them up after the potato digger went through Scott joked that he was picking up pine cones!  HA!!! Still makes me chuckle.  So these tasty ugly guys will be available in coming weeks on the “extra table”.


A heart find in the “scabby potato harvest”.

This may be the last week of cucumbers from our 1st planting.  Our 2nd “Hail Mary” crop is chugging along and we hope to have cucumbers return in a few weeks.  All depends on daylight.  Fingers crossed.

Our 1st summer squash patch is just about done and the second rotation in full swing.


Summer Squash patch #2.


Final crops are all in now except radish and lettuce rotations which will continue on a weekly basis. We continue to seed in Fall and overwintered Spinach.  Edge “shagginess” and beautification is on for next week as we are sensing an easing up of daily duties and “have to” tasks.


Full Share


Snack Pack


WHAT IS IN YOUR SHARE-romaine head lettuce, garlic, baby kale mix (full only), sweet summer onions, cippolini onions (full only), summer squash, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes bell peppers, banana peppers (snack only), carrots!!!!, chinese cabbage, corn

Romaine head lettuce- Sweet and delicious heads.  A late summer treat for sure.


Morning Romaine harvest from the hoop house.


Just cut and ready for the triple rinse.

Baby Kale Mix-(Full only) A nice big bag of assorted baby kale from the hoop house.  Saute is best with fresh garlic.


Rinsed baby kale air drying before bagging.

Garlic-A good garlic season for us an nothing better than fresh garlic in veggie stir fry.


Scott cleaning the garlic before it goes in the shares.

Sweet Summer onions-A bounty harvest for us this season and we are passing them along.


Cleaned summer onions.

Cucumbers-Final harvest this week from our 1st rotation.

Cherry Tomatoes-The tomato patch has this feel of “well here we go!”  The volume is amazing.


Cherry tomato harvest washed and ready to be packaged.

Slice Tomatoes-Choose up to 3 for Snack Pack and up to 6 for full share.


A HUGE! tomato harvest this week.

Bell Peppers-The last of the the bell pepper harvest and next week we start in on the Italian Fry Peppers.

Yellow Banana Peppers-(Snack Only)-A variety called goddess.

Carrots!-We had a great summer carrot harvest from our “carrot trough”.  Crunchy and sweet.  Enjoy!




After cutting the tops off we wash and chill for the shares.

Chinese Cabbage-A great harvest of the mini heads.  A perfect slaw or adds great loft to salads.

Corn-Another morning pick from Scott’s relatives farm.  Raupp Family Farm.  We are grateful they provide the corn for our CSA.  Delicious.

BEST GUESS FOR NEXT WEEK-kohlrabi, head lettuce, spaghetti squash, broccoli???, cherry tomatoes, slice tomatoes, green beans, onions,  sunflower bouquets and more…..

We will be selling at the Baraboo Farmers’ Market again this Saturday.  Produce, HUGE! Basil Plants, and pretty flower bouquets….




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CSA Summer Share #8 August 1

August bounty is here!  We are amazed with the harvests we are pulling in from the gardens.  A fantastic season so far and we are keeping up!  That is the best part.  The edges of the “compound” might be a bit shaggy and we may be a bit tired at the end of the day (and sometimes in the mornings too) but we are happy.  Life is good.  Another huge harvest of the red norland potatoes this week and we hope to pull the remaining reds out early next week.


Maeve at the end of the red norland row after we dug 200+ pounds.

We picked our first slice tomatoes and the cherry tomatoes are hitting their stride.  The vines are loaded.  All the garlic is out and drying and all the summer onions pulled in 3 hours.  BIG! high volume yield is the theme.  The 1st summer squash patch is just about done and the 2nd patch is amping up.  The 2nd patch is 1/2 the size of the 1st as we suspect the thrill of zucchini is slowly fading but still nice to have a few each week.  Watermelon is sizing up and another bean rotation flowering.  And Spaghetti squash almost ready.  Final Fall planting of mini cabbages and kohlrabi in and yet another rotation of Fall spinach started this past week.  We are excited that the Italian Fry peppers are starting to color and we picked our 1st jalapenos for the extra table.  August is really the best month as we watch the light change and the garden share it’s gifts.



Garlic harvest is complete.


Making our way down the sweet onion rows.


Watermelon sizing up.


WHAT IS IN YOUR SHARE-Corn, cherry tomatoes, slice tomato, summer squash, cucumber mix, skinny european slice cucumbers, green bell peppers, sweet summer onions, pac choi, mini cabbage head, leaf lettuce, red norland potatoes.


Full Share


Snack Pack

Corn!!!-This is the 1st picking of corn from Scott’s relative’s farm….Raupp Family Farm.  It is conventionally grown and not organic.  We have included the Raupp corn in our CSA shares for years and it is a treat and we are grateful.  Delicious.

Cherry tomatoes-The vines are really starting to take off.  Sweet and delicious.


Look waaaaaay down at the end I am waving from the end of a Cherry tomato row.


Washed and ready for the shares.

Slice tomatoes-1st harvest 1 for snack and 2 for Full.  Looks like it is going to be a great tomato year.


1st slicer of the season.

Cucumber mix-American snacker cucumbers.  Several varieties in each share.


Full share cucumber mix.

European thin Slice Cucumbers-Several in each share of these thin skinned wonders.


Thin European Cucumbers at harvest.

Bell Peppers-A HUGE! harvest this week…


Harvesting Bells in the pepper patch.

Sweet summer onions-A favorite of mine and we have TONS!

Pac choi-Add a little crunch to your salad or stir fry this week.


Pac choi ready to harvest in the morning sun.


Cut Pac Choi ready to be crated and hauled to the dunk tank.

Mini Cabbage head-Snack has Mini pointy and Full share mini green and purple.

Leaf Lettuce-A nice mix for summer salads.


Leaf lettuce after a triple rinse.

Red norland potatoes-Great yield this year and so delicious….and more to come!




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